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Detect and Prevent Malicious Digital Ads

The rise of programmatic advertising has brought unprecedented growth and opportunity to the online advertising industry. With this growth, cyber criminals have come to take advantage of the sophisticated targeting provided by the digital advertising ecosystem.

The RiskIQ Digital Ad Transparency solution provides the real-time visibility and forensic information that enables you to detect and respond to malicious ads and restore trust with your customers and partners.

User Emulation: RiskIQ scans close to 2 billion publisher pages and 10 million mobile apps per day. When malicious ad chains victimize a customer’s ad-serving domain or publisher property, RiskIQ automates the deactivation of the infected ad and generates a transparency report for all relevant parties.

Immediate, Actionable Alerts: When we see malicious ad chains where one of the client’s ad-serving domains or publisher properties is a victim, RiskIQ proactively sends an alert and report and helps the client analyze the incident and take action as needed.

Global Threat Intelligence: RiskIQ’s research team maintains a curated blacklist of malware threats from across the Internet. This curated list provides RiskIQ with advanced detection beyond what standard public lists can provide, including zero-day threats specific to digital advertising. This proprietary edge sets RiskIQ apart from other providers that can detect threats only after others have reported them.