Website Security

Do you know what your website has been up to lately? Take steps to prevent it from being hacked.

The ease and fractional cost of creating a malicious or abusive website or banner ad have created a massive security threat to all organizations doing business digitally.

Environments most vulnerable to attack? Websites that are known and unknown. Along with social sites and other content on the open web.

The entire purpose of the attacker’s campaign is to avoid detection by the company’s internal resources. And that’s why infected sites do not always serve up exploits to the attacked organization, but instead link to third party sites and other organizations.

How do web attacks impact organizations?

Significant Losses
  • Loss of revenue due to site blocking by third parties
  • Leads and customers are sold to competitors
  • Pilfering of sensitive or proprietary data accidentally exposed

Brand Erosion and Loss of Customers

  • Customers become confused by security problems
  • Customers blame you for their security issues

Liability and Fines

  • Many sites remain exploited for months
  • Errors in code allow attackers to gain control

Protect your websites and your brand with RiskIQ for Web

Quickly identify threats that impact your business—without taxing your security teamwith RiskIQ for Web. Our technology intelligently scans and navigates through websites the way a human user would, detecting malware, zero-day threats and malicious behavior that often eludes traditional web security tools. With our unique approach to scanning the open web, we provide the visibility and control you need to discover and monitor all your web assets—both known and unknown. And because of our expansive coverage of the web, we can help enterprises discover emerging threats in the wild and proactively address problems before they do major damage to brand, revenue and customers.