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Digital Threat Management

what is digital threat management?

What is Digital Threat Management?

Phishing, malvertising, ransomware, rogue mobile apps, compromised sites, brand abuse and fake social are external threats. 75% of security breaches are due to external threats – exposures outside the firewall.

Digital Threat Management tools allow security staff to protect their business, customers, and brand by extending security defense and response capabilities across web, social, and mobile digital channels.

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riskiq offerings

What Does RiskIQ Offer?

RiskIQ provides the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence. Our platform and product suite deliver insight and control over external web, social, and mobile exposures — missed by conventional security controls.

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what is your interest in cyber threat intelligence?

What Is Your Interest?

Not just external threat intelligence, but an end-to-end solution suite that can be applied across your organization to optimize resources and tackle impactful security issues.

By Purpose: By Role:
Augment Security Ops CISO, CXO
Reduce Investigation Effort Security Operations Manager
Monitor Attack Surface Threat Hunter
Identify Brand Abuse Threat Defender
Ensure Ad Quality Brand Manager
Ad Ops Manager

Digital Defense Dilemma

of data breaches are due to external threats

can’t identify external threats used to launch cyberattacks

lack means to reduce their attack surface

seek means to take down digital threats

Verizon Data Breach Report 2017 – SANS 2nd Annual Continuous Monitoring Report, 2016 – The Forrester Wave™ Digital Risk Monitoring, Q3 2016 Report

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RiskIQ distinguished as a leader in

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Risk Monitoring, Q3 2016 report

with a top ranking for current offering and data coverage.

Unified Insight and Control for External Threats

Discover & Monitor

RiskIQ Digital Footprint™

Understand your digital attack surface with active change notifications

Investigate & Uncover

RiskIQ PassiveTotal®

Investigate threats, pinpoint adversaries, and prevent attacks

Detect & Respond

RiskIQ External Threats™

Analyze threats and orchestrate
take downs

Our Customers Succeed

“PassiveTotal has been extremely helpful for our operations in responding to and preventing attacks. It is definitely a must-have tool for us from this point forward. It fortifies our internal security systems and can integrate with other security tools to automate and consolidate once manual actions across multiple systems.”

Gary Ruiz, Rackspace, Senior Manager for Cybersecurity

Knowledge is Power


What Had Happened Was: Page Sequences and Digital Threat Detection

“To identify patterns of behavior and develop rule-based detections of digital threats or carry out in-depth threat infrastructure investigation, we must move up or down through the sequence of pages that lead to the particular behavior that first caught our attention.”

RiskIQ Data Sets: Powering Threat Investigations Around the World

“Every day, security professionals leverage the relationships between the unique data sets in PassiveTotal to surface new connections, group similar attack activity, and substantiate assumptions.”