The birth of external threat management

A Powerful Technology

Our story began in 2009 as a technology platform built to address the burgeoning problem of collecting and analyzing Internet-scale data. But after developing a global network of crawlers capable of discovering, indexing, and monitoring assets across the web and mobile application ecosystem in more than 100 geographic locations, our CEO—a cybersecurity veteran—realized that what his team created was capable of much, much more.

A Powerful Idea

Our founders knew that as organizations and their customers and prospects continue to exchange more and more sensitive data on the cloud (beyond the protection of the traditional security perimeter) those controls are becoming less and less effective. Instead, security teams need a single solution that monitors their organization’s entire web and mobile attack surface from the outside in, where they are now most vulnerable.

RiskIQ was born.

Today, we enable security teams to expand their security programs outside the firewall® to address the growing challenge of external threats targeting the enterprise, its customers, and employees. We’re used by leading financial institutions, insurance providers, and consumers. B2B brands use RiskIQ to protect themselves and their users from code-level threats, malware, phishing, social media attacks and fraud.

RiskIQ is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Summit Partners, Battery Ventures, Georgian Partners and MassMutual Ventures. RiskIQ is also a proud member of ISACA and Online Trust Alliance (OTA).

Our Culture

It’s the golden age of internet crime, and we’re at the forefront of defensive efforts to stem the tide. We’re small, but growing, and our employees have an opportunity to make an enormous difference. We’re a diverse, talented team that works—and works hard—as equals to build products that are defining the external threat management category—with the camaraderie to share a beverage at the end of the day.

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