Digital Attack Surface Management

As Transformation Initiatives Grow, So Does Your Attack Surface

What's a Digital Attack Surface?

The modern digital attack surface is everything outside the firewall, a collection of far-flung, client-facing assets hackers can and will discover as they research their next threat campaigns.

90% of enterprises have cloud apps.

59% of all cloud workflows delivered as SaaS.

Cloud spend growth is 500% of IT spend.

9 Billion IOT devices in 2019.

Assets outside the firewall were the inroad for some of the worst hacks of 2018 and will continue to be targeted into the future. Hear from Forrester why outside the firewall needs your attention now.

Your attack surface includes:

Known Assets
Inventoried and managed assets such as your corporate website and servers and the dependencies running on them

Unknown Assets
(Such as Shadow IT or Orphaned IT) Infrastructure stood up outside the purview of your security team such as forgotten websites

Rogue Assets
Malicious infrastructure spun up by threat actors such as malware or a website or mobile app impersonating your brand

Millions of these assets appear on the internet every day and are entirely outside the scope of firewalls and endpoint protection.

A Modern Approach to Security


Today, a business’s digital attack surface extends from the internal network all the way to the farthest reaches of the internet, where these traditional approaches to security have no visibility and attackers have plenty.

This digital attack surface and the threat landscape that targets it is dynamic and changing all the time; certificates expire, frameworks need patching, shadow IT is stood up, and attacker tactics evolve.

Bringing the massive scope of an organization’s digital attack surface into focus is no easy task—most security leaders only know of a fraction of the assets that exist outside their firewall.

Manage Your Digital Attack Surface Today


When organizations manage their entire digital attack surface, they understand what they look like from the outside-in. This way, they can begin developing a strategy that allows them to discover everything associated with their organization on the internet, both legitimate and malicious, and shrink its digital attack surface down to size.

Find out how RiskIQ can help you manage your attack surface.