Black Hat 2019

Las Vegas, NV - August 7-8, 2019
Booth #1210

Coming to Black Hat in August? Check out RiskIQ’s JavaScript Threats Module, which launches as Magecart breaches a website every five minutes. Stop by our booth (#1210) for a demo we personalize for your organization’s digital attack surface.


RiskIQ Solution Demo

Web and browser-based cyber threats like Magecart, a digital credit card-skimming group RiskIQ discovered was behind the breach of British Airways and has since affected thousands of other websites around the world, are ramping up in intensity and putting every business at risk.

Register in advance for a one-on-one demo of the RiskIQ Attack Surface Management platform and new JavaScript Threats Module for an overview of your digital attack surface and a discussion about how vulnerable you are against this new brand of cyber threat. This 15-20 minute session will show you how to investigate targeted cyber threats, discover and understand your organization’s digital footprint, and detect and mediate cyber threats originating beyond your organization’s firewall.

Also at the booth will be the leading researcher behind Magecart, Yonathan Klijnsma, who can discuss use cases for RiskIQ technology and discuss recent RiskIQ research including our the recent Magecart cyber attack using misconfigured Amazon S3 buckets and a deep dive into a highly skilled, highly organized e-crime syndicate after gift card infrastructure.

Come by for a demo to get a free T-Shirt plus some of our other giveaways!

While You’re at Our Booth You Can Also Enter to Win Our Grand Prize

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