Expanding Wrappers and Tools

Over the past two weeks, we've managed to get some help and feedback from the community of PassiveTotal users. Steve and I wanted to do a quick acknowledgement of two new wrappers we have for our API and a command line tool. Thanks to everyone involved who helped, we really appreciate it!

PassiveTotal Ruby Gem

If you are a Ruby developer or are looking to integrate our code into an existing Ruby project, we now have a gem you can use. Chris Lee has kindly taken the time to produce the module and documentation which you can find here. If you are looking for idea on how to expand this, we would love a command line tool or module in Metasploit!

PassiveTotal R Package

PassiveTotal data is a great resource for looking at data over time. Bob Rudis really extended the idea of analyzing our data and created a proper R package for anyone to use. In time, he plans to add more graphing capabilities to the module, so keep an eye on the development.

PassiveTotal Python CLI

Earlier this week, Steve and I sent out some emails seeking feedback from users of the our platform. We wanted an idea of where we could improve or provide more value. One of the comments was a lack of interest in the web interface and a preferred command line solution. This was something we had before, but didn't get time to do until yesterday. If you want PassiveTotal on the command line, here it is with documented responses.

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