The RiskIQ PassiveTotal Engineering team has been busy over the past few weeks on the tool that concerns external threats, attackers, and their related infrastructure, and we are excited to announce some product enhancements that should improve the overall user experience and make conducting investigations and accessing RiskIQ intelligence even easier.

Show Me The Data!

Fig-1 Performance loading data

You have hundreds of alerts to get through, and we know every second counts. That’s why we’ve focused on performance loading data as it streams into the platform for faster assessments of actor infrastructure and a more consistent experience every time.

Project Overhaul

Fig-2 New-look project

Projects have gotten a new look and feel that enables you to search across public research and your own private investigations quickly, featuring dedicated tabs to organize your investigations more efficiently.

Public Projects: Projects shared with and available to the entire community

My Projects: An analyst’s investigations

Team Projects: (Enterprise Only) – All enterprise organization projects

Shared Projects: Projects where you are listed as a collaborator

Share all the things!

RiskIQ is also excited to announce the expansion of our Public Projects to allow non-registered users the ability to view a project and share public projects with the wider security community via our newly added social media and email sharing controls. Currently, this functionality is only available on RiskIQ featured projects and will look to grow this capability with our community and research partners.

Fig-3 Public Project inside RiskIQ Community Edition

Global Tags

Easily access Open Source and RiskIQ intelligence using our Global Tags. These tags are pushed to PassiveTotal in coordination with a featured project to provide the community with easy access to intelligence and context.

Fig-4 Global tags

Analysts can also search PassiveTotal using global tags, easily surfacing unknown intelligence or kicking off an investigation based on actor group, campaign, or malware.

Fig-5 Global tags inside a Public Project

All of these enhancements are designed to improve the analyst experience, reduce friction in accessing data, and speed analysis for our community. We hope you enjoy these changes and as always, we love to hear from our analyst community, if you have feedback about any of these new features, please let us know.


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