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2018 Holiday Shopping Season Cyber Threat Activity: A Snapshot

The 2018 holiday shopping season was a boon for retailers, but cyber threat actors filled their pockets, too.

As businesses innovate by expanding their online presence and migrating to the cloud, their digital footprints grow tenfold. This footprint, a collection of far-flung, client-facing assets outside the firewall that hackers can and will discover as they research their next cyber threat campaigns, becomes part of their attack surface.

Assets outside the firewall were the inroad for some of the worst hacks of 2018, and businesses continued to see attackers target these attack surfaces during the 2018 holiday shopping season.

The flurry of shopping activity over the 2018 holiday shopping season saw retail sales in the U.S. from November first through Christmas Eve grow 5.1 percent to more than $850 billion, making it the best holiday shopping season in six years. But what did the cyber threat activity around this shopping frenzy look like?

To examine the cyber threat landscape over the 2018 holiday shopping season, RiskIQ conducted research using the RiskIQ Global Blacklist and mobile app database* looking for instances of malicious apps and URLs targeting 10 of the most trafficked brands on Black Friday. Following up our 2018 Black Friday Blacklist report which analyzed cyber threats targeting Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the weeks leading up to the events, this brief focuses on the period between Black Friday and New Year's day.

The findings confirmed that cyber threat activity was consistent through the holiday shopping season, with cyber threat actors leveraging these ten mega-popular brands across both web and mobile.

Businesses continued to see attackers target their attack surfaces outside the firewall during the 2018 holiday shopping season.

When organizations manage their entire attack surface, they understand what they look like from the outside-in, and can begin developing strategy that allows them to discover everything associated with their organization on the internet, both legitimate and malicious, and shrink its attack surface down to size.

Download the report here, and click here to find out how RiskIQ can help your organization manage its attack surface today.

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