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Here’s How Much Threat Activity is in Each Internet Minute

What happens in the span of a minute across the internet? 

Lately, we've seen the global threat landscape get broader, more chaotic, and more unpredictable. As the internet grows, so does the scale of threat activity targeting organizations, which expanded their digital presence and accelerated their cloud adoption in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, while global-scale attacks like SolarWinds have seized headlines, organizations must also contend with a growing volume of threats that make attack surface management a moment-by-moment endeavor. Global visibility and always-on detection have become critical to securing the enterprise. 

Cybercrime now costs organizations a whopping $1,797,945 per minute. Industries like e-commerce, which saw a record $861.1 billion in sales yet faced $38,052 in losses to online payment fraud per minute, and the healthcare sector, which spent $13 per minute on digital security breaches, are seeing record levels of threats. 

Our 2021 Evil Internet Minute aims to illuminate the top threats facing organizations today and put the year's cybersecurity research into context by framing it on a micro-scale. We leveraged our Internet Intelligence Graph and favorite third-party findings to closely examine the malicious activity that transpires across the world every 60 seconds. 

Findings from the 2021 Evil Internet Minute include: 

  • $1,797,945 per minute: Lost to cybersecurity incidents 
  • $7.2 per minute: Average cost of a breach
  • $280,060 per minute: Predicted cybersecurity spend
  • $38,052 per minute: E-commerce losses to online payment fraud
  • $13.3 per minute: Average cost of a breach in the healthcare industry
  • $3,615 per minute: Amount lost to cryptocurrency scams
  • 525,600 per minute: Records compromised
  • 6 per minute: Organizations victimized by ransomware
  • 1 every 31 minutes: Magecart hosts detected  
  • 613 per minute: New domains stood up
  • 1 every 1.7 minutes: Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange (HAFNIUM) servers patched
  • 1 every 5 minutes: Malicious mobile apps blocklisted 
  • 23 per minute: New mobile apps created 

To defend their organizations, security teams need actionable security intelligence that provides a bird's eye view of the threat landscape and illuminates threats most relevant to their unique attack surface. Solutions must clearly show the nature of an organization's internet relationships and how they fit into the broader global attack surface. 

A new analyst joins the RiskIQ Community every 17 minutes to leverage data that gives them a unique vantage point of their organizations and the threats they face. Download the 2021 Evil Internet Minute infographic to see the full extent of today's cyber threats happening every 60 seconds, and register for RiskIQ community today. There's not a minute to waste. 

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