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New Research Report: Digital Transformation Emboldens Cyber Adversaries

While business is accelerating digital transformation and building out their online presence, cyber adversaries are going digital—big time, taking advantage of the online ecosystem and trusted brands. With phishing, malware, domain and brand abuse, ransomware, malicious mobile apps, and fake social posts getting worse – how prepared is your organization to mitigate external digital threats?

To find out, check out the 2017 State of Enterprise Digital Defense Report, available for download at https://www.riskiq.com/white-paper/state-of-digital-defense-2017/.

Independent research by IDG Connect quantifies the growing security management gap and business impact of external web, social, and mobile threats. Survey respondents included 465 IT information security decision makers in organizations with more than 1,000 employees in the U.S. and U.K.

Organizations must still account for investments in layered defenses to protect users, systems, and data behind their perimeter. But, external threat vectors are growing, and cyber adversaries are organized. When it comes to digital threats outside the firewall, digital exploits and exposures are harder to discover, validate, assess, and remediate. Incidents are often related to assets, from vulnerable web components and apps, rogue mobile apps and social profiles, to domain abuse, affiliate sites and malvertising, that are not easily visible, known, or under control of IT—if even owned by the company. More so, new and evolving privacy governance rules such as GDPR, require added digital due diligence.

The 16-page report shares findings and insights that should empower IT leadership and security professionals to re-examine how their organizations are equipped to manage digital transformation risks to protect their businesses, customers, and brands,

Some factoids:

  • 40% of organizations experienced five or more significant security incidents in the past 12 months
  • 68% of organizations have no to modest confidence to manage digital threats
  • 70% of respondents have no to modest confidence in reducing their digital attack surface
  • 31% expressed high confidence in their organization's capability to mitigate or prevent digital threats
  • 44% of organizations plan to increase digital defense investment by 15-25%, and nearly a third will outsource digital security

n=456 information security decision makers and practitioners in U.S. & U.K organizations with over 1,000 employees

We are pleased to sponsor this timely industry report, which covers the digital threat defense landscape, impact, controls, tools, and investments. Download the report here, and for a quick glance, get the infographic here. While visiting, be sure to see how our RiskIQ solutions can help your organization address the specter and spectrum of digital threats.

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