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RiskIQ Named CIO Favorite at Innovation CONNECT CIO Technology Day

For as rapidly as business changes, the threat landscape changes even faster. CIOs and other business leaders are realizing that they must rethink cybersecurity to catch up.

Threat actors are relentless in their cyber attacks aimed at organizations from outside their firewall. Meanwhile, most businesses have almost no visibility into this internet-facing attack surface and the way their customers interact with it. With cloud migration and digital transformation key initiatives for most companies, this lack of visibility can be fatal. CIOs and their teams are realizing they must be able to manage cyber security risk and combat these external threats while they innovate.

With cyber security risk outside the firewall now a top-of-mind priority for CIOs, RiskIQ's ability to bring the massive scope of an organization's attack surface into focus helped secure the CIO Favorite award at Innovation CONNECT CIO Technology Day. The award is given to the company in which CIO attendees would most want to invest if they had significant capital to fund a startup.

Addressing the gap in security inside the firewall and outside the firewall was of particular interest at the forum, which features 30 companies selected from over 200 startups. These entrepreneurs present to an audience of CIOs, who chose which presentations to watch based on their interests. With a presentation about managing the exposures created by digital initiatives such as cloud migrations, RiskIQ CEO Lou Manousos had one of the biggest audiences of the day.

In his pitch, Lou explained RiskIQ's unique value in helping businesses understand their attack surface as they grow their digital presence. He demonstrated that RiskIQ's global discovery platform, which contains data sets built from crawling the internet for over a decade, is a unique value proposition. The audience quickly realized that RiskIQ is an essential tool in addressing cyber security risk in a quickly evolving cyberthreat landscape.

After analyzing each presentation, the CIOs picked RiskIQ as the startup in which they'd be most willing to invest, selecting the company over two co-finalists.

Innovation CONNECT CIO Technology Day enables business leaders to get exposure to a range of companies funded by leading VCs and angel investors, with some companies traveling from as far as Israel and Germany to present.

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