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Digital Threat Intelligence Management: RiskIQ on the EMA Radar™

RiskIQ is proud to announce that we were named the sole Technology Leader and a 2017 Value Leader by analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in the EMA Radar™ for Digital Threat Intelligence Management: Q4 2017 Report.

The report highlights the fact that companies are taking on more risk than ever by adopting digital transformation strategies and increasing their digital presence to connect with customers and prospects. While these businesses expand their digital footprint, they become increasingly vulnerable, making a robust, data-driven digital threat intelligence management program a fundamental necessity.

In fact, millions of digital threats pop up on the internet every day, most of which are entirely outside the scope of organizations' security visibility. These threats can include unknown or fraudulent business assets created to look legitimate including mobile apps that have been compromised to distribute malware, domain and brand infringement, unknown and unmonitored web properties and systems, and imposter social media accounts.

The outlook on these gets even gloomier—analysts predict that 2018 will be a watershed year for state-sponsored attacks, with multiple high-profile cyber breaches likely occurring as a result. And with Juniper Research projecting the average cost of a cyber breach incident soaring to $150 million—an increase of 3,947 percent from today’s average cost of $3.8 million—the stakes couldn't be higher.

The problem is, because of how quickly and frequently these threats occur, most security technology is just not built to address them at the speed of business. So, to highlight the threat intelligence management providers on the forefront of protecting companies against the growing specter of digital threats, the EMA Radar™ for Digital Threat Intelligence Management: Q4 2017 Report evaluated them by measuring each solution by impact and deployment cost efficiency.

RiskIQ was ranked as 'exceptional' in both categories and commended for our completeness of vision and ability to safeguard that vision as we develop our platform to combat a new generation of threats. According to the report, by engaging RiskIQ, [customers interviewed across all industries] were able to turn their cyber-risk management program around, moving from spending between 80 percent and 90 percent of the team’s time gathering data to 90 percent or greater time spent on actual analysis and response actions.

The report also found that banking and finance customers were pleased with RiskIQ’s analytics for exposures such as PII/GDPR, while each of the industries had use cases for leveraging its new internal risk reporting. All RiskIQ customers interviewed by EMA reported that they gained higher than expected value from the platform and saw substantial improvements in their work accuracy, broad use cases, and case throughput, making investing in the platform a strong value. Also, the report cited RiskIQ’s mature API and built-in integrations for their ability to augment internal security telemetry with external threat context.

As security operations become more advanced, they require data that instantly enriches incidents and processes, correlates, and responds to suspicious events within organizations. By using RiskIQ's platform, organizations can optimize data use across teams for incident response, SOC, and vulnerability analysis to programmatically defend against threats to their environment. Contact us to find out more about how RiskIQ can help defend your organization from digital threats today.

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