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What’s in an Evil Internet Minute?

What’s in an internet minute? According to data from RiskIQ and threat researchers around the world, a lot of evil.

As cyber crime grows in frequency, complexity, and consequence, new digital strategies and initiatives employed by legitimate businesses to advance markets and propel themselves ahead of competitors are being used against them. Today, an organization’s digital assets are subject to malware, malvertising, and phishing efforts on a scale never before seen, while rogue apps, domain and brand infringement, and social impersonation cause business disruption and material loss.

Every day, RiskIQ sees these threat actors and groups scaling up to amass enormous amounts of cheap, ever-evolving infrastructure to overwhelm defenses via large-scale attacks. Last year alone, cyber threat actors cost the global economy $454 billion—or $854,164 each minute. To determine what other nefarious activity takes place on the internet in about the time it takes to make a piece of toast, we crunched some data, and the results aren't pretty.

In a single “evil internet minute’ businesses spend $142,694 to defend themselves against external cyber threats, but despite their efforts, 1,080 people are victimized. Additionally, as cyber criminals continue to find success deploying tactics from 818 pieces of unique malware, they’ll perform 1,214 ransomware attacks and send more than 100,000 phishing emails. RiskIQ’s research also uncovered additional malicious activity each minute, ranging from blacklisted mobile apps (.3 per minute), malvertising (145 new malicious ads per minute), and phishing (100 new phishing pages per minute).

According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach and Incident Report, more than 75% of the incidents that lead to data breaches originate externally, almost half of which target unknown—and thus unmanaged—digital assets. This new reality means organizations require new strategies and solutions to combat the mounting number of external threats that target businesses.

Click below to see RiskIQ's entire "Evil Internet Minute” infographic and find out what your organization is up against:

What’s in an

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