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RiskIQ Named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q1 2021

The digital, cloud-centric transformation that was already enveloping the enterprise was set into overdrive by changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there's no going back. 

Unfortunately, this breakneck speed in digital transformation creates significant hidden risks—global-scale vulnerabilities enable massive APT attacks like the ones against Microsoft and SolarWinds servers, and threat infrastructure hides in plain sight across the internet, meshing with the benign to remain well-hidden. Meanwhile, a surge in digital threats is fueled by global events and the advent of easy access to malicious systems, kits, and infrastructure that even novice threat actors can use to execute effective cyberattacks.

For security teams, the best defense against this new threat landscape is next-gen security intelligence that evolves as fast as the threat actors do; intelligence fortified with real-world observations of the enterprise attack surface coupled with deep insight into global threat infrastructure. 

The Forrester Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q1 2021, evaluated 12 top security intelligence vendors to educate security and risk professionals about which is right for them. Participants were judged on 26 criteria to determine rank. With RiskIQ mapping the relationships between internet infrastructure, both good and bad, for more than a decade, RiskIQ's Illuminate Platform received the highest possible scores in six criteria, including Brand Threat Intelligence, Market Approach, and Information Quality. 

Illuminating Infrastructure Relationships Across the Web

According to Forrester, as the number and sophistication of cyber threats increase and IT environments become more complex, "S&R pros seek out threat intelligence providers that have just the right visibility into threats most relevant to their organization and industry." 

RiskIQ believes that to identify threats that really matter, it isn't enough just to gather intelligence from open sources or network telemetry. Getting "the right visibility" into threats most relevant to you requires security intelligence with a view of the global attack surface and keen insights into threats most critical to the enterprise's unique digital footprint. 

The report notes, "[RiskIQ] excels in uncovering infrastructure masquerading as a brand and, via its managed service, has a robust takedown service, relieving clients of adding headcount." The report also stated, "[RiskIQ] 's PassiveTotal product is exceptional at tracking threat infrastructure."

These two capabilities— RiskIQ delivering real-time intelligence combining knowledge of customers' unique attack surface (brand) and extensive tracking of both threat and friendly infrastructure—are made possible by surfacing internet relationships. RiskIQ's Illuminate platform combines trillions of real-world observations to assemble, graph, and identify these relationships via ten years of data gathering and analysis.

Knowing how each organization and brand fit within the global attack surfaces helps RiskIQ customers rapidly classify threats uniquely relevant to their internet footprint to prioritize analysis, triage, and response for what matters most. 

Security Intelligence Built for the Modern Security Team

With this RiskIQ's real-time multifaceted intelligence, customers can rapidly classify threats relevant to their attack surface's unique composition based on its dynamic internet relationships—peers, third-parties, adversaries and their tools, and the whole digital supply chain—to prioritize risks and threats with confidence. This new breed of security intelligence speeds up analysis enabling security teams to keep pace with digital growth by eliminating threats that matter.

As its intelligence capabilities continue to evolve, RiskIQ recently introduced a powerful new portal featuring daily attack surface threat intelligence on global, industry, and local threats. These insights help organizations and analysts detect and investigate suspicious and malicious indicators affecting their organization with recommended actions. RiskIQ has curated threat intelligence from open and closed sources, including actual real-time attacks observed in the RiskIQ Global Collection Network, which spans over 2,500 networks globally. 

Read more about how RiskIQ's next-gen threat intelligence enables strong digital defense, and download your copy of The Forrester Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q1 2021 here

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