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Here’s How to Counter Malvertising Threats [Live Webinar]

Malvertising has emerged as a significant cyber attack vector in 2014. Major malvertising discoveries like the Kyle and Stan Malvertising Campaign are demonstrating the efficacy of this technique.

Online advertisements are so ubiquitous, site visitors barely think about them anymore. While running ads may be a good service for your site visitors and a great way to earn revenue, it's becoming riskier to your customers every day. Malvertisements can covertly spread malware using your websites to infect your customers.

RiskIQ's expert researchers have hands-on experience combating this cyber threat. Find out the true nature of malvertising during the past year, how it is likely to evolve in the future and what strategies can protect websites and site visitors from malvertising.

RiskIQ's Director of Research, James Pleger, will answer your questions in this timely webinar next Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 8:30 am PST / 11:30 am EST.

  • What are the greatest malvertising exploits today; how are these cyber attacks likely to evolve?
  • What are the common weaknesses in traditional security strategies that are exploited by malvertising?
  • How can you evaluate if your defenses are prepared to deal with the rise of these new malvertising threats?
  • What are some proven strategies to detect criminals and malicious actors attempting to exploit you and your site?
  • What should you look for in a security solution to counter the high-frequency malvertising threats and reduce your organization's risk of becoming a victim?

Space is limited, so click to register today!

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