External Threat Management

Marketing Tech, Rogue Dev, Mergers and Acquisitions Lead to Threats Outside of Cyber Security Scope

Modern web applications are no longer created from a clearly defined, carefully-vetted software “stack”. Today web applications more closely resemble a “pile” of assorted client-side and server-side 3rd party code/components, glued together. Compounding the problem – these components are usually untouched by penetration tests and scanners alike – and yet they are key cyber security concerns, running inside your user sessions, in the middle of your critical path.

All this complexity creates chaos and after digital assets have been developed, deployed, promoted and then forgotten— they fall off everyone’s radar. The problem is that these assets still exist online, and some are floating around very ‘bad neighborhoods’ with vulnerabilities.

Adding to the scale of the problem are the piles of assets acquired via mergers and acquisitions or stood up during rogue dev projects created on the Amazon AWS Cloud. Overtime these all add up and what you’re left with is a massive debris field of known, unknown and potentially rogue digital assets associated with your brand. These assets will show up in search engines or appear on blog sites, news/media outlets, customer forums, social media, before you even know they exist.

The RiskIQ Enterprise Digital Footprint technology was designed to rein in this debris field by continuously discovering, inventorying, monitoring and engaging your digital assets so you can rest easy at night, "knowing what you don't know". The technology helps you convert unknowns into well tracked and properly secured assets.

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