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Nowhere to Hide: RiskIQ Maps Out Threat Infrastructure Using PassiveTotal Platform

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce our acquisition of the threat infrastructure analysis firm, PassiveTotal. PassiveTotal complements RiskIQ’s mission to provide organizations security, visibility, and control beyond their firewalls.

The PassiveTotal threat infrastructure analysis platform increases customers’ ability to detect where they are being targeted; map out the adversarial digital footprint; and provides the information needed to proactively block related attack infrastructure, before further attacks can be launched.

The new and improved PassiveTotal platform will ingest a more robust dataset, complete with RiskIQ passive DNS, WHOIS information, SSL certificate information, and http responses from our global, Internet-crawling architecture. This allows customers to view a more comprehensive picture of the adversary’s infrastructure.

“The massively increasing size and scale of the Internet, continues to lower the bar for hackers to carry out successful attacks,” said Elias Manousos, CEO of RiskIQ. “Attackers simply have too many places to hide online. The combination of RiskIQ and PassiveTotal gives customers the ability to detect threats that exist in their digital footprints and map out the attack infrastructure of their adversaries, leaving the bad guys with nowhere to hide.”

Since launch, the explosive growth of PassiveTotal’s user base demonstrates the market demand for threat infrastructure analysis. PassiveTotal’s 2,800 and counting users include members of the world’s most advanced threat intelligence, incident response, and cyber security organizations.

In addition to acquiring new technology and inheriting a thriving community of experts, RiskIQ will add PassiveTotal’s founders to our team.

“RiskIQ was the right partner to help us take our technology to the next level, as its extensive data set and mission align perfectly with our values. It has the infrastructure, resources, and customer base to support our growing community of users and expand the use of our platform into the broader enterprise market. It was a natural fit.” said Stephen Ginty, Co-Founder of PassiveTotal.

The acquisition further enhances our ability to empower customers to view their attack surface from the vantage point of the attacker and accurately map and defend their attack surface from cybercriminals targeting their organizations. The same technology enables defenders to map the Digital Footprint of adversaries’ attack infrastructure, to stop adversarial activity in its tracks as soon as it begins.

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