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Introducing Next-Gen Vulnerability Intelligence to Identify and Prioritize CVEs in Real-time

Almost overnight, workforces and business operations decentralized and were flung worldwide, widening the protection gaps and giving attackers more access points to probe or exploit. With most of the world adopting a work-from-home policy, the global remote desktop software market size, $1.53 billion in 2019, is projected to reach $4.69 billion by 2027

Meanwhile, dozens of new vulnerabilities in remote access software and devices have given attackers footholds they never had before. Remote work due to the pandemic has increased the average cost of a data breach by $137,000.

In 2021, landmark cyberattacks told us just how exposed we were. Mere months removed from the SolarWinds breach, a watershed attack some thought would set the standard for the impact a vulnerability could have, we dealt with the Microsoft Exchange vulnerability. The Exchange incident was exploited by potentially dozens of APTs and signified yet another critical global-scale incident some thought we'd only see once in a decade. It affected more than 300,000 servers and hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide, and many organizations are still exposed. 

The biggest problem? Today's organizations have far too much to patch. 

RiskIQ's Illuminate Vulnerability Intelligence was purpose-built to change that. This native feature within the Illuminate Platform allows every organization to see their attack surface for what it really is, providing security teams a consistent way to prioritize, analyze, and triage vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of a successful attack. This real-time insight drastically shrinks workloads and reduces time-to-remediation. 

RiskIQ Illuminate Vulnerability Intelligence key capabilities:

  • Prioritized CVEs based on the RiskIQ algorithm encompassing recent exploits, Deep and Dark Web chatter, and linkage to malware
  • Mitigation steps or resources to remediate your vulnerabilities
  • Mapping of CVEs to your attack surface to identify impacted assets
  • Identification of CVE alignment to your third party vendors
  • Vulnerability Articles with comprehensive information for over 200,000 CVEs

RiskIQ Illuminate Vulnerability Intelligence leverages our Internet Intelligence Graph, which assembles, labels, and stores real-world observations and pre-computes the deep digital relationships that make up an organization's attack surface. This infusion of RiskIQ intelligence and custom analysis goes beyond CVSS scores, adding knowledge of an organization's unique attack surface to provide accurate prioritization for assets most likely to be targeted.

Automated discovery quickly uncovers hidden vulnerabilities throughout every layer of your organization’s internet attack surface.

RiskIQ Illuminate Vulnerability Intelligence adds exceptional value by directly integrating next-generation CVE insights and mitigation strategies at no extra cost or license to Illuminate customers. Already, it's elevated 500 of the 211,000 CVEs in the Illuminate Platform's index from 'Medium' to 'High' priority.

RiskIQ Illuminate Vulnerability Intelligence is the Lingua Franca

Next-gen vulnerability intelligence is the glue that connects all the teams across an organization. The flow of vulnerability intelligence gets everyone speaking the same language and enables them to quickly correlate one another's information. 

RiskIQ Illuminate Vulnerability Intelligence unites security and risk teams across multiple disciplines with ease and simplicity, showing vulnerabilities and where they lie across an organization. Each group—threat analysts, vulnerability specialists, compliance officers, and more—can instantly identify vulnerabilities related to any product, vendor, device, service, or app on-demand. 

Apply relevant insights to maximize the value of your ecosystem—people, processes, and technology—to mitigate risks, vulnerabilities, and exposures.

Built-in, risk-based prioritization informs how likely each vulnerability is to be exploited, resulting in accelerated remediation, dramatically reduced downtime, and less wasted effort. With mature organizations spending dozens of hours each week gathering intelligence to correlate with vulnerability severity to identify active risks and map them to their attack surface, this context and automation save precious time and money identifying and remediating threats. 

Learn more about RiskIQ Security Intelligence here.

Know Your Partners, Know Yourself

Many organizations that have been breached have identified the cause as their supply chain. RiskIQ Illuminate Vulnerability Intelligence automatically monitors frameworks, page contents, third-party components, and code to identify relevant vulnerabilities, including those for third-party attack surfaces, such as partners, suppliers, distributors, and peers. This all-encompassing view identifies and prioritizes CVEs in real-time—even those lying deep in the technology stack or across the digital supply chain, the culprits in SolarWinds, and many other infamous breaches. 

Protect Your Organization Today

Staying ahead of early-stage vulnerabilities is now mission-critical for security teams. RiskIQ Vulnerability Intelligence unifies security and risk teams across all disciplines with ease and simplicity - from threat analysts to vulnerability specialists to third-party risk teams - and keeps pace with digital growth with automated discovery to find and mitigate exposures before they become exploits.

Security professionals can contact RiskIQ to learn more and schedule a demo of RiskIQ's Illuminate Internet Intelligence Platform with Next-Gen Vulnerability Intelligence.

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