Case Study


For Adcash, RiskIQ Partnership Pays off with Clean Ads

The Challenges

Delivering quality advertisements to internet users and maintaining the trust of publishers are key to Adcash’s continued success. Malicious actors can threaten this business model. According to RiskIQ research, malicious advertising or “malvertising” increased by over 400% in the first half of 2016. Adcash has been combating the malvertising threat for some time. However, as these threats have become more advanced and harder to detect, Adcash looked for a partner who could help them improve their detection and removal of malicious ads and offending advertisers.

The Solution

RiskIQ Ad Quality

Adcash is using RiskIQ URL Intelligence to scan and track online advertisements as it transverse through the ad supply chain, identifying suspicious activity and confirmed malvertisements. Advanced monitoring and detection techniques automatically analyze and trace malware incidents to the source to reveal the attack lineage. Evidence trails provide the forensic data necessary for rapid investigation and remediation.

We have tested other ad verification solutions before, and RiskIQ is the most effective malware detection solution we’ve seen. Not only have they provided us a solution, but they've also helped us build a scanning strategy to best protect our network and publishers.

--Guillaume Février, VP Operations Adcash

The Results

RiskIQ Digital Ad Quality technology monitors Adcash’s ad inventory and third-party landing pages to detect malicious ads and policy violations. It leverages covert, web-scale infrastructure that mimics all possible user environments to trigger the true behavior of sophisticated threats such as exploit kits, ransomware, and browser lockers.

As a result, Adcash can ensure the safety of its publisher partners while protecting their brand reputation in the marketplace.