Case Study


With RiskIQ, ENVISIONX Watches Over their Ads Marketplace
RiskIQ Helps ENVISIONX Detect and Block Third-Party Creatives That Violate ENVISIONX's Sellers’ Policies

The Challenges

The rapid adoption of ENVISIONX’s AdHub has resulted in over 20 Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) and 30 Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) regularly using the platform. To ensure continued growth, ENVISIONX recognized the importance of protecting the integrity of its marketplace by ensuring that no creative violations in the content supplied by DSPs are delivered to SSPs. While ENVISIONX had an in-house team to approve each creative manually, it quickly realized that this approach was not scalable.

The Solution

RiskIQ for Ads: ENVISIONX is using RiskIQ URL Intelligence to scan and track ad content from DSPs as they transverse through the ad supply chain, identifying policy violations, suspicious activity and confirmed malvertisements. Advanced monitoring and detection techniques automatically analyze and trace malware incidents to the source, revealing attack lineage. Evidence trails provide the forensic data necessary for rapid investigation and remediation.

RiskIQ helps us to detect and block third-party creatives that violate ENVISIONX's sellers’ policies. The value RiskIQ delivers to our marketplace, AdHub, has greatly put our sellers in the safe house and given ourselves a much more efficient way of working.

--Zheng Zhang, CEO ENVISIONX

The Results

This automated approach is reducing ENVISIONX’s manual efforts by over 90% while significantly improving its detection capability.