About RiskIQ

The Pioneer, Innovator, and Leader in Extended Enterprise Attack Surface Management

We Extend Cybersecurity Beyond the Firewall

For more than a decade, RiskIQ has been crawling and absorbing the internet to enable customers to extend cybersecurity outside the firewall by discovering unknowns and investigating threats across their digital attack surface.

We Discover Unknowns and Investigate Threats on a Global Scale

RiskIQ's security SaaS platform taps into our global Internet Intelligence graph, which has mapped the billions of relationships between the internet components belonging to every organization, business, and threat actor on Earth. Our people and systems continuously update our unmatched data sets and our customers' unique Intelligence Graphs with both a current and historical view of their attack surface.

We Collect and Analyze Data to Enable our Customers

Our global sensor network continuously extracts, analyzes, and assembles internet data to define the internet's identity and composition. Our systems fingerprint each component, connection, service, IP-connected device, and other infrastructure to show customers how they—and attackers targeting them—fit within it.