Cyber Threat Workshops

Summer Camp

Join RiskIQ’s experts and take advantage of our Cyber Threat Workshops June through August 2021. In this series, you will learn how to uncover threats relevant to your attack surface. Using simple indicators and search, along with open source intelligence (OSINT) and threat research, you will develop your skills to analyze, triage, and respond to threats that matter to your digital footprint.

More than 10,000 security professionals have graduated from RiskIQ’s Cyber Threat Workshops - now, it’s your time. Level-up your skills and get CPE credits to demonstrate your ability to unmask and defeat adversaries.

Topics Include

  • Intro to Threat Infrastructure Analysis
  • Are You Asking the Right Question of the Data?
  • How to Pivot Between Multiple Threat Datasets to Isolate Attacker Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Context via Web Crawling
  • Use Cases – Hands-On Exercises and Investigations
  • Common Analyst Pitfalls
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Receive 2 CPE credits.*

*Certificates for completion are distributed for attending the entire workshop


DateTitle and Description
June 3ABC's of Cyber Threat Intelligence: Threat Hunting 101
This is a beginner's workshop, highlighting the fundamentals of cyber threat intelligence, infrastructure chaining and indicators, along with attack surface relationships and mapping.
June 24Relevant Cyber Threat Intelligence: Actionable Observations, Scaled Defenses
This workshop is intended to showcase Illuminate's key differentiation: attack surface intelligence. We will highlight proactive research and response to alerts. Each case will show how using attack surface intelligence enables smarter and faster decisions.
July 15Using Cyber Threat Intelligence to Map Adversary-Threat Infrastructure
Our team of security experts will show how to use Attack Surface Intelligence combined with adversary fingerprinting to connect global internet observations into a single worldwide attack surface—you and other legitimate third-parties and adversaries and their tools and systems.
July 29Adversary-Threat Infrastructure: Threat Actor Profiles and Tools
Our experts will demonstrate how to identify cyber threats relevant to your unique attack surface (digital footprint) and pinpoint threats entangled with your digital presence—kits, C2 servers, remote access trojans (RATs), and malicious associations and alliances, including threat tools shared among thousands of threat actors.
August 19Integrating Threat Intelligence in Real Life
In this Cyber Threat Workshop, we will look at easy ways to integrate and automate intelligence throughout your security operation.

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