Cyber Threat Workshops

Digital, cloud-centric transformation creates risks the world has never seen—a fluid and dynamic attack surface where adversaries can hide in plain sight. Security professionals need to develop skills to adapt and scale defenses worldwide.

Cyber Threat Workshops are designed for everyone. Why? Because your organization, assets, employees, data, and infrastructure are threatened with cyber-attacks. Security intelligence applies to more than security operations and empowers everyone to uncover threats including nation-states, cybercriminals, ransomware, phishing, hacktivists, and insiders.

What is cyber threat intelligence?

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) provides insights on the intent, capabilities, opportunities, and context of threat actors and adversary-threat infrastructure with the goal to prioritize security action and improve decision-making to reduce the impact of cyber threats.

Cyber Threat Workshops are designed as an open forum where participants and members of the security community can collaborate, share knowledge, and hear from the top analysts in threat intelligence.

How does it work?

First, register to attend an upcoming Cyber Threat Workshop. Once registered, your seat is reserved. You will receive a PROMO code for a free trial of RiskIQ Illuminate to use for labs during the workshop.

We have trained over 10,000 security professionals and provide continuing education credits (CPEs) to help the worldwide community create a safer internet.

Develop your skills with hands-on experience identifying threats and techniques to scale global defense.

What should I expect?

Our Cyber Threat Workshops include live, real-time observations and threat indicators, including malicious infrastructure and adversary-threat tooling. You will work in the same lab environment as our world-renown security researchers and hundreds of attendees in a virtual classroom.

At the conclusion of each workshop, the lab environment is disabled, but you will receive a free trial that runs for 30 days to continue defeating adversaries.


DateTitle and Description
January 20Modernize Security Operations:
Scale Intelligence with APIs
February 3Red Teaming:
How to identify Attack Surface Risks
February 17Threat Hunting:
How to Find Malware and Phishing Infrastructure
March 3Incident Response:
Extend Detection and Response (XDR Integrations)
March 17Global Defense:
Scale Protection with Security Analytics (SIEM Integration)
March 31Adversary Attribution:
Fingerprint Adversary-Threat Infrastructure (MSTIC + Atlas)
April 14Digital Future:
How We Create a Safer Internet, Together (Preview EASM+TI)


What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?
Actionable attacker insights, relevant to you.

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Learn how deep knowledge of digital relationships can defend the extended digital enterprise.

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