The Digital Footprints of High Net-Worth Individuals: An Underestimated Vulnerability

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Firewalls have long served as the standard line of defense for protecting intellectual property and sensitive information. However, in this new age of digital hypergrowth, threat actors now target organizations beyond the corporate network and even take aim at the direct source of sensitive information, people.

As threat actors shift their sights from traditional 'hard' targets (e.g., a company's servers) to softer targets—such employees and executives and their families, security professionals must now maintain visibility across both the digital and physical worlds. This whitepaper will explore why it's essential to protect your assets outside the firewall, why hackers target high-net-worth individuals and key executives, and how to reduce your vulnerability to these new threats.

We'll learn:

  • How threat actors hack the 'human hard drive.'
  • How actors can target our digital footprint outside the corporate firewall
  • How threat actors still employ tried and true espionage tactics
  • Growing trends in cyber attacks manipulating the human element  
  • What motivates a hacker to targets executives and high-net-worth people
  • Next-wave mitigation strategies
  • Guidance for securing your business and its people

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