Virtual Misinformation Hunting Workshop for Journalists and Civil Society Advocates

Citizen Lab • October 29, 2020

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Can You Find the Threat?

Journalists and cybersecurity researchers working on behalf of civil society are battling a wave of cyberthreat and misinformation campaigns surrounding the U.S. election. Their tireless work in combating and exposing fake news and other threats targeting the election is crucial to preserving our democracy.

RiskIQ is proud to support these efforts by providing free RiskIQ PassiveTotal accounts to journalists, educators, and pro bono and non-profit threat researchers worldwide. Hundreds of these users leverage the platform every day to expand their reporting and shed light on threat infrastructure that exposes misinformation and other campaigns threatening civil society.

As someone who's a crucial part of this fight against misinformation, we ask you to join RiskIQ and Citizen Lab for a 90-minute virtual Threat Hunting Workshop. This at-home training includes an introduction to the RiskIQ PassiveTotal platform, basic tips that will instantly enhance your investigations and reporting, and hands-on demonstrations showing how RiskIQ data's advanced internet data sets have helped expose real-life misinformation campaigns.

Attend and Learn:

  • An Introduction to RiskIQ PassiveTotal
  • Methodologies for basic threat analysis
  • How RiskIQ’s unique data sets build-out more thorough investigations
  • Real use cases and hands-on exercises and investigations

*Certificates for completion are distributed for attending the entire workshop


10:00 a.m.Welcome, Methodology and RiskIQ Data Sets
  • Methodologies for threat analysis
  • RiskIQ data sets overview
Use Cases – Hands-On Exercises and Investigations
  • Using RiskIQ PassiveTotal, we’ll look at known infrastructure to uncover broader misinformation campaigns.  
  • Guest journalists will demonstrate how they used RiskIQ PassiveTotal to uncover real misinformation campaigns.
12:00 p.m.Wrap up