Cyber Threat Workshop

May 13th, 2021, 10:00 a.m. PST

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Unraveling Relationships to Find Advanced Cyber Threats

Our experts will show how to identify adversary-threat infrastructure and specific research outcomes for APT33, a nation-state threat actor associated with Iran. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to identify adversary-threat infrastructure within your broader digital footprint, including relevant third-party attack surfaces.

Hands-on labs and exercises will show how to expose real-life malicious and/or risky applications. In addition to improving your cyber threat skills, you get 2 CPE credits for attending.

In this Cyber Threat Workshop, we will review hands-on exercises with RiskIQ Illuminate Internet Intelligence Platform:

Adversary-Threat Infrastructure

  • Internet Graphing and History
  • Introduction to RiskIQ Team Atlas
  • Infrastructure Chaining and Pivoting
  • Attack Surface Discovery and Mapping

Attack Surface Intelligence

  • See an organization’s attack surface for relevant threats and exposures
  • Identify risks and vulnerabilities
  • Uncover suspected cyber attacks
  • Track and expand defenses globally

APTs within Third-Parties

  • Analysis of cyber threat intelligence
  • Evaluate Third-Parties for APT33 within an attack surface
  • Examine third-party risk via CTI and attack surface observations
  • Find and eliminate global scale attacks like Microsoft Exchange and SolarWinds SUNBURST

Attend and Learn:

  • Introduction: Security Intelligence
  • Techniques for cyber threat analysis and management
  • How to leverage attack surface intelligence for faster threat investigations and response
  • Real-world use cases with hands-on exercises, labs, and investigations
  • Earn 2 CPE Credits

*Certificates for completion are distributed for attending the entire workshop


10:00 a.m.Welcome, RiskIQ Illuminate Features and Functions
  • Attack Surface Intelligence
  • Third-Party Intelligence
  • Reputation Scores
  • Deep and Dark Web
  • RiskIQ data sets overview
Use Cases – Hands-On Exercises and Investigations
  • Using RiskIQ Illuminate, we'll look at an initial IOC of known malicious infrastructure from an OSINT article to uncover more threat actors' infrastructure.
12:00 p.m.Wrap up