Cyber Threat Workshop

April 29th, 2021, 10:00 a.m. PST

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Can You Find the Threat?

In this Cyber Threat Workshop, we will review hands-on exercises with RiskIQ Illuminate Internet Intelligence Platform:

Attack Surface Intelligence

Examine an organization’s attack surface for relevant threats and exposures. Track vulnerabilities across the internet to determine their scope and scale.

Reputation Scores

Utilize reputation scores to determine if a domain or IP address is good or bad. Guide investigations by quickly determining threat actor’s indicators and infrastructure.

Deep and Dark Web

Search the deep and dark web for indicators, entities, and context.

Third-Party Intelligence

Track and monitor third-party attack surfaces—as if it was your own—to uncover threats. Identify threats hidden in n-degree relationships: suppliers, partners, M&A, and digital dependencies.

Our experts will show how to accurately expand an investigation to the global attack surface and identify threats related to your digital footprint. Starting with an indicator of compromise (IOC) and/or open-source intelligence (OSINT), we will expand the hunt to find all the related and similar adversary-threat infrastructure. Hands-on labs and exercises will show how to expose real-life malicious and/or risky applications. In addition to improving your cyber threat skills, you get 2 CPE credits for attending.

Attend and Learn:

  • Introduction: Security Intelligence
  • Techniques for cyber threat analysis and management
  • How to leverage attack surface intelligence for faster threat investigations and response
  • Real-world use cases with hands-on exercises, labs, and investigations
  • Earn 2 CPE Credits

*Certificates for completion are distributed for attending the entire workshop


10:00 a.m.Welcome, RiskIQ Illuminate Features and Functions
  • Attack Surface Intelligence
  • Third-Party Intelligence
  • Reputation Scores
  • Deep and Dark Web
  • RiskIQ data sets overview
Use Cases – Hands-On Exercises and Investigations
  • Using RiskIQ Illuminate, we'll look at an initial IOC of known malicious infrastructure from an OSINT article to uncover more threat actors' infrastructure.
12:00 p.m.Wrap up