Learn More about a Threat Actor from an Email Address

In this exercise you will learn how to extract clues and investigate a threat actor or threat agent using information from an email. You have been given a compromised device. During your investigation, you isolated an email address as the source of the compromise. You are tasked with investigating the email address to gain more information about the threat actor.

Using your credentials, log in to passivetotal.org. In the discovery window, search for macie.deitrich50@mail.com. Now you can see all the domains that have been associated with the threat actor, macie.dietrich50@mail.com. You will notice that the red rows are alerting you to RiskIQ confirmed malicious search results.

Now let’s pivot off the first list of domains. Right click on the first entry, wada-arna.org and open it in a new tab. When we look at the results, we see that IP address has been identified as suspicious. Please note that IP addresses are only marked as suspicious, because IP addresses can be associated with many domains over time.

Now let’s examine the open source intelligence by clicking on the OSINT tab; you will see that there are many results from different sources. Let’s filter the results to only show the source ThreatConnect. Now click on the link for the ThreatConnect source. Now we can see the open source intelligence linking this domain; wada.arna.org to Fancy Bear, a Russian threat actor. Now read the article to get more information about this threat actor.

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