RiskIQ Illuminate® Platform

The RiskIQ security intelligence & analytics platform discovers your internet attack surface and delivers relevant and actionable intelligence to protect your organization.

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Global Real-Time Visibility

A True Global Collection

Illuminate collects the Internet telemetry and data your organization needs to discover unknowns and investigate threats, including outside your network edge, in the cloud, and deep or dark web.

Your Security Intelligence Graph

Illuminate produces a security graph that applies context to Discovery. It creates indexed artifacts, maps artifacts to organizations, and maps threats to those artifacts. This context accelerates investigations and reduces the attack surface.

RiskIQ PassiveTotal® Community

The PassiveTotal community is our way of crowd-sourcing security intelligence and provides access to a rich store of security intelligence knowledge.

Automatic Discovery & Inventory

Inventory Discovery

Illuminate discovers the entire enterprise attack surface—known, unknown, rogue, on-prem, cloud, third party—providing a complete external asset inventory view.

An Agentless Sensor Network

Illuminate operates actively and observes passively. It has visibility into the entire Internet IP space from the network to the application layer. Illuminate finds asset exposures and vulnerabilities that traditional scanners and OSINT tools can’t.

Your Complete External Asset Inventory

Illuminate discovers and inventories all devices, open ports and services, and web applications, including every web page and dependency. This level of depth and inventory is needed to map associated vulnerabilities and other risk factors. Illuminate delivers the hosting provider, geolocation, device type, service, protocol, application, and components for all assets.

Intelligence & Insights

Your Premium Security Intelligence

Illuminate delivers a powerful combination of Security Intelligence that includes:

  • Attack Surface Intelligence
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Intelligence

Each of these is required to make accurate intel-led decisions.

Your Advanced Analytics

Illuminate analytics discover, categorize, analyze, and connect data. The platform immediately brings relevant artifacts to the forefront to highlight attacks— exposures, threats, and threat actors—saving time and preventing business impact.

Your Internet Asset Knowledge Base

RiskIQ’s research team and the RiskIQ Community maintain a massive device and application database that automatically compares assets’ behavior on your exposed attack surface with known component baselines to detect exposed, misconfigured, and compromised assets.

Automated Policy Driven Actions

Incident Response

Illuminate is ready to provide deep Incident Response for unknown assets mapped to your attack surface. You can follow attacks and the adversary beyond your network, revealing other avenues for attack. Pivots into the attacker’s infrastructure to find more related infrastructure.

Automated Detection

Illuminate has out-of-the-box and flexible policies to drive automated threat and exposure detection.

Attack Surface Reduction

Illuminate operationalizes the process of shrinking your attack surface by integrating RiskIQ directly into your security stack.

Connect the Outside View to the Inside

Your Attack Surface, Illuminated

Illuminate is a SaaS platform and can be enabled and start producing results in minutes.