Why Illuminate?

Here’s why RiskIQ is different than internal security tools and competitive approaches

Other ProductsRiskIQ
Vulnerability Scanners
  • Scans known IP ranges looking for known vulnerabilities
  • Discovers Unknown and Rogue Assets
  • Provides Internet Scale Coverage
Agent and Endpoint Products
  • No External Attack Surface View
  • Discovers devices on the enterprise network only (internal view)
  • Can’t assess the risk of unmanaged assets
  • Can’t detect threats
  • Automated discovery and Inventory of your external attack surface
  • Connects threats beyond your network or endpoint telemetry
  • Discovers and assesses unmanaged assets
  • Integrates into and complements your XDR/EPP solutions
Threat Intelligence and Threat Intelligence Platforms
  • Generic (not always relevant)
  • Not Actionable
  • Does not provide discovery and asset inventory and therefore lacks context
  • Cannot detect using behavior or policies
  • Illuminate discovers and inventories your actual assets
  • Attack Surface Intelligence maps current threats to you
  • Insights guide analysts on how to action intelligence and what to investigate
  • Actionable and integrates into your security control framework to prevent and respond
  • Analyzes logs from known assets
  • Blind to unknown assets or assets not present in a log
  • Does not rely on logs
  • Integrates into and complements SIEMs by populating external assets and related artifacts
Vendor Risk / Risk Scoring
  • Open / Community / Crowdsourced
  • Continuous; can prevent attacks
  • Highly Accurate and Customizable Discovery
  • Operationalized, reduces risk
  • Open / Community
  • Continuous, can be used to prevent attacks
  • Highly Accurate and Customizable Discovery
  • Operationalized, reduces risk
Direct ASM and Intelligence Competitors
  • Manual and Complex Onboarding
  • Blackbox Discovery (limited and not user-configurable)
  • High Volume Port Scanning Based (Can miss services based on scan frequency)
  • No Security Intelligence (unable to detect threats)
  • No Global Collection Network (limited visibility)
  • Limited Webpage Support (limited detection)
  • Self Service, Automated Onboarding
  • Multiple Discovery Capabilities, Highly Accurate
  • Integrated Threat and Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Full support from IP, Host, Port/Service and Web Pages and DOM Objects

Trusted by Large Enterprises

Over 400 of the Global 2,000 trust RiskIQ for Attack Surface Management and Intelligence. This includes 17 of the 25 largest banks in North America, 3 of the 10 largest global insurers, 8 of the 15 largest global brands, 6 of the 20 largest high tech businesses, and 4 of the 20 largest U.S. manufacturers.

Discover Unknowns and Harness Intelligence

RiskIQ can accurately map your internet attack surface and apply threat intelligence to pinpoint how and where you are exposed. Ability to hunt across your extended enterprise, including vendors, partners, and any internet asset.

Customer Success and Support

  • RiskIQ delivers world-class support to all customers. Our customer experience begins with no-cost Community access and workshops, planning and threat modeling, system onboarding, training, and integration into internal systems.
  • Enterprise customers receive named technical architects and intelligence experts.

Now is the time to illuminate and manage your digital attack surface. RiskIQ intelligence guides the world's leading organizations. Find out what it can do for you.