Illuminate Overview

RiskIQ Illuminate provides security intelligence combining attack surface insights with adversary indicators tuned to the unique digital relationships that make up your organization’s attack surface. This next-gen platform enables security teams to quickly find and eliminate the threats and exposures that matter most.

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Key Benefits

  • Live discovery for real-time attack surface intelligence and complete visibility of your organization’s digital footprint.
  • Rapidly classify threats relevant to your attack surface’s layered composition—hosts, URLs, apps, components, and code and the digital relationships that make it unique.
  • Speed up analysis, triage, and response to keep pace with your organization’s digital growth by eliminating the most critical threats and exposures.

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Attack Surface Intelligence

Active and historical discovery for complete visibility

Attack surface intelligence identifies and distinguishes resources and digital systems across the open and closed web—brands, infrastructure, third parties, dependencies, peers, industries, and the entire digital supply chain.

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Speeding up analysis, triage, and response and enables security teams to keep pace with digital growth and eliminate threats that matter.

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Dynamic Reputation Scoring

Quickly identify friends and foes

Up-to-the-moment reputation scoring powered by deep machine learning fuses with security expertise from trillions of observations across the global attack surface.

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Adapt to shifting and evolving threats with instantly generated, dynamic scores and summary reputations across the worldwide attack surface.

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Vulnerability Intelligence

Simple and Easy Vulnerability Intelligence for Confident Prioritization, Response, and Mitigation

Vulnerability Intelligence continually researches CVEs to identify their priority based on chatter, exploits, and linkage to malware activity to determine a more accurate risk score. This risk score is then applied to identified assets across your attack surface to help security teams prioritize mitigation strategies and remediation efforts, which saves considerable time in manual correlation and research.

Discover Relevant and High-Priority Vulnerabilities Within Your Unique Attack Surface

Security professionals using the Vulnerability Intelligence solution will be able to identify the most critical vulnerabilities in their environment and alignment to assets in their attack surface, accelerating their remediation efforts.

See How CVEs Impact Your Third-Parties, in Order to Understand the Risk in Your Supply Chain

Organizations can use the Vulnerability Intelligence solution to understand how critical vulnerabilities align to their third parties in order to understand the risk amongst their supply chain.