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December 15, 2017

Digital Transformation Emboldens Cyber Adversaries—Can Cybersecurity Keep Up?

Cyber adversaries are taking advantage of this sprawling new external-facing attack surface, which is nearly impossible to identify and defend without an internet-scale view of it beyond the corporate firewall…My team and I set out to better understand the scope of this problem and conducted a recent survey and look at how well-prepared security teams across global industries are regarding their controls, processes, and investment. Overall, the survey’s findings revealed a bleak outlook of organizations’ digital defense posture, with many finding themselves overwhelmed by the scale and tenacity of modern digital threats while lacking confidence in the ability of their processes, systems, and tools to address them.

December 13, 2017

Google Play Offered Fewer Blacklisted Mobile Apps in Q3

Blacklisted mobile apps are on the rise in app stores: a new report shows a 35% increase in the third quarter across 14 different online stores. According to new data from RiskIQ, blacklisted mobile apps totaled 51,188 in the third quarter. Mobile apps are submitted to and analyzed by anti-virus vendors when suspected of malicious behavior, says Mike Wyatt, RiskIQ’s product operations director. If such activity is detected, anti-virus vendors will block, or blacklist, the apps from downloading and running on a user’s device. Every blacklisted app that slips past an app store’s vetting process could potentially cause malicious harm to a user’s device or data.

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