Tackle External Threats Outside the Firewall with RiskIQ

Here’s how we do it

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Did You Know?

Your brand is being used in app stores around the world–even though your company doesn’t have a mobile app.

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Enhance Your Security Posture with RiskIQ

85% of surveyed organizations improved their security program in 3-6 months or sooner with RiskIQ.

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A competitor is buying up domain names containing your company’s brand name—then redirecting users to their sites.

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92% of surveyed organizations

had partial visibility or less into their internet exposed digital assets before RiskIQ.

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Social media accounts that look and feel like yours are gaining popularity—and redirecting users to sites infected with malware.

Your Organization Is Moving Outside the Safety of the Firewall

Of The Incidents That Led To Breaches…


Comes From External Sources


Target Unmanaged and Unknown Assets

*source 2015 Verizon Data Breach and Incident Report

External Threat Management Platform

RiskIQ’s External Threat Management Platform takes an outside-in view of your digital assets to provide a timely, actionable picture of your attack surface so you can defend your organization and reduce digital risk.

Discover & Monitor

Visualize your Digital Footprint and be alerted when it changes

What it solves

Knowing what you own and what you don’t. On average, RiskIQ will discover 30% more assets than you’re tracking

How we do it

We discover and index web, mobile, and social assets using our global sensors and exclusive virtual-user technology

Research & Investigate

Investigate adversaries and threats to prevent attacks

What it solves

Knowing whether an asset violates policy or contains a security risk such as malware or vulnerability

How we do it

Content-aware, virtual-user technology moves beyond static code analysis

Flexible policy framework

Detect & Respond

Identify and eliminate live attacks 
in the wild

What it solves

Understanding the attack vectors used against your organization and customers to respond quickly

How we do it

Our virtual-user technology identifies fraudulent web, mobile, and social properties targeting you

Our Technology

RiskIQ provides the leading platform for External Threat Management to help your organization understand its attack surface and manage digital risk. How do we do it?

Virtual-User Technology Powered By Covert Detection

RiskIQ’s global network of crawlers and sensors avoid detection from hackers by experiencing websites the same way real users do. By varying browsers, click pattern, and time on page, our virtual users behave exactly like humans. Launched from a global proxy network that covers more than 520 egress points in more than 40 countries, the virtual users are always evolving to uncover malicious and fraudulent activities designed to elude detection. These include:

Core Engine

RiskIQ’s core engine is purpose-built to automate the analysis of hundreds of terabytes of globally collected internet security data in real-time. It leverages big data analytics and advanced machine learning techniques to provide actionable intelligence to organizations about their changing attack surface and the external threats that target them. It is the first and only fully automated platform built to provide global External Threat Management at internet speed and scale, allowing organizations to:

  • Continuously monitor their digital footprint and index new assets
  • Automate confirmation of closely-related keystone assets
  • Link analysis and confidence scoring
  • Delegate management of their digital footprint down to the asset
  • Create a collaborative workflow for asset confirmation and ownership assignment

Global and Historical Data and Analytics

Since 2008, RiskIQ’s global network of sensors has been discovering and indexing assets across the web, collecting an extensive repository of telemetry data that helps our technology operate at a massive scale. We’ve collected the most comprehensive set of data sets for external threat investigation, including WHOISIQ, DNSIQ, host attributes and reputation, as well as social and mobile platforms.

Global Sensor Coverage
  • 1+ TB DNS
  • 300M+ mobile devices
  • 700+ geo locations
Proxy and Special Data Sets
  • 1.8 billion HTTP sessions, Including DOM
  • 783 global locations across 100+ countries
  • 16 million mobile apps
  • Over 300 million domain records

Data Analysis and Threat Detection

RiskIQ delivers analytics solutions that dramatically reduce time spent on complex security issues. Powered by artificial intelligence and fine-tuned by our renowned threat research and data science teams, RiskIQ’s threat detection engine enables security teams to:

  • Create external threat events and automate analyst tasks
  • Continuously monitor all owned, third-party hosted, and rogue digital assets across all channels
  • Link threats and threat actors via our global data
  • Employ a closed-loop process that increases productivity
  • Enable junior analysts to act on advanced threats

Technology Alliances and Interoperability

Every security organization already has tens or hundreds of security tools to help defend themselves against attackers. RiskIQ’s industry-leading threat intelligence and data sets were built to be extensible through many of the tools that exist today, including out-of-the-box integrations with IBM QRadar and Splunk.

RiskIQ also has an extensive RESTful API to access, query, and enrich data in other security tools or home-grown solutions.

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RiskIQ is an official contributor to SplunkbaseIBM Security App Exchange, the IBM Ready for Security Intelligence Alliance program, and IBM X-Force Exchange.

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