RiskIQ Illuminate

The RiskIQ Illuminate platform is built upon the widest breadth of data in the industry to provide the insight and automation needed to map and monitor your organization’s internet-exposed attack surface, understand and mitigate exposures, and expedite external threat investigation.

By discovering exactly what belongs to your organization and layering on 10+ years worth of historical internet data, RiskIQ customers have visibility into attacks ranging from the deep and dark web to the surface web and even the physical world, and the analytics necessary to receive the most relevant, real-time alerts that inform quick and decisive action.

Global visibility enables comprehensive threat detection and attack-surface management

RiskIQ provides the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence. Our platform approach enables security organizations to match and scale digital threat management capabilities to their needs, and augment their security teams with the most advanced internet-scale security data available.

Understand The Three Pillars of a Digital Threat Management Program

Use Cases

RiskIQ helps your company manage:

Brand Enforcement

Your brand is the most valuable asset for both your business and those attacking it. With internet-scale visibility, know where and how it’s being leveraged across the entire surface web, deep and dark web, and mobile app ecosystem—both by your company and threat actors targeting your customers and employees. Learn more.

Third Party Risk

Thriving in today’s digital world means being part of a broad ecosystem of dependencies that help you do business online. When these suppliers are hacked, your customers are at risk. Know the third-parties your organization is running, where they are, and if they’re vulnerable to stop supply-chain attacks before they impact you. Learn more.

Asset Management

Attackers search for unknown, unprotected, and unmonitored digital assets across your organization’s attack surface. Continuously discovering, inventorying, and monitoring these assets, which span from your internal network across the full breadth of the internet, allow you to understand your exposures and implement the necessary mitigation techniques. Learn more.

Threat Intelligence

Continuously crawling the internet and capturing its content helps RiskIQ curate data sets not found anywhere else. Leveraging the relationships between this highly connected data exposes the infrastructure being used by attackers against your organization by surfacing new connections, grouping similar attack activity, and substantiating assumptions during incident response. Learn more.

Executive Protection

Your organization’s key executives, leadership, and board of directors are primary targets for attackers who attempt to use their name, likeness, and personal web presence to target them and their employees. Continuously monitoring for exposed personal data or impersonation of executives can prevent harm in both the cyber and physical realms. Learn more

Data Protection & Compliance

Discovering and inventorying the digital assets that make up your organization’s attack surface is critical for compliance with industry regulations. Most businesses are required to maintain asset inventories that detail the location, accessibility, patch level, and ownership of their assets, even those that exist outside the firewall. Learn more.

virtual user robot

RiskIQ illuminates attack vectors against customers, partners, and employees that are often blind spots for point solutions and manual processes.

RiskIQ applies machine learning and data science to continuously improve platform intelligence, confidence, and mitigation capabilities.

Website Metadata and Trackers

RiskIQ uses our own global sensor and collector network along with public data partners to maintain the most comprehensive internet data sets.

Website Takedown

RiskIQ maintains direct partnerships with internet hosting providers, registrars, registry operators, and browsers to protect its customers from targeted attacks.


RiskIQ provides an API and out-of-the-box integrations to extend digital threat intelligence into existing security and risk management investments.