Digital Threat Management

Effectively Detect, Understand, and Mitigate Digital Threats Across Web, Mobile, and Social Channels

Think Outside the Firewall

In recent years, the largest attack vector for any organization has become their internet facing digital assets. Threat actors no longer have to breach the firewall to rob an enterprise. They can leverage the digital presence of an organization, including its brand name, domains and web properties, product names, executives’ social presence, and mobile apps to target the organization’s digital infrastructure, their customers, and employees.

Despite a massive increase in cybersecurity spend, cyber criminals continue on a rampage. According to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, more than 80% of breaches are due to external threat actors infiltrating the defenses of an organization. Their tactics vary, but the glaring similarity is that these threat actors exist outside the firewall. In sharp contrast to this, the majority of cybersecurity spend is for perimeter defense and endpoint protection, not in discovering and mitigating external digital threats.

What is Digital Threat Management?

Digital threats encompass all of the various attack vectors that can be exploited against you from outside your firewall. Threat actors perform reconnaissance on these attack vectors as they prepare for attacks, looking at unknown and rogue web assets, creating fake social media profiles, and evaluating the presence and security of your mobile apps.

The exploitation of these digital threats can include phishing campaigns against your employees, executives, and customers, mobile apps that have been compromised to include malware, domain and brand infringement, unknown and unmonitored web properties, and imposter social media accounts.

The RiskIQ Digital Threat Management platform provides a unified view of the digital assets that your organization owns and how an attacker sees them. Once known, RiskIQ monitors your web, mobile, and social assets, comparing them against petabytes of data we have about the entire internet. This helps proactively defend your organization and customers from modern cybersecurity threats and effectively reduce your digital risk exposure.

Platform Advantages


Advanced  Internet
Data Recon

Comprehensive Intelligence

Cross-Channel Security

Automated Footprint

Dynamic Pivoting


Automated Mitigation


SIEM Tools

Interactive Guides

Tool Consolidation


Rapid Time-To-Value

How Does RiskIQ’s Digital Threat Management
platform work?


RiskIQ’s advanced internet reconnaissance uniquely combines our global proxy network, web crawlers with virtual user emulation, and collector and sensor technologies to capture massive amounts of detailed public internet data.


Once the data is captured, it is normalized and then continuously analyzed using machine learning and data science – applying advanced algorithms that leverage big data, customer usage, and attack activity. In addition, RiskIQ research analysts incorporate newly identified exploits and attack vectors to further enhance analytics.


RiskIQ constantly adds petabytes of normalized data to its Internet Data Intelligence Warehouse, comprised of organized and cross-correlated standard internet data sets and derived data sets. Derived data sets are the result of predictive analytics applied to the standard data to yield derived IP reputation, phishing, zero-day attack, online scam, domain infringement, malware and other compiled lists.


The RiskIQ Internet Data Intelligence Warehouse houses petabytes of internet data, derived data, and curated information held in elastic storage to enable analytical breadth and depth. Customers take advantage of platform features such as project management, activity monitoring, and alerting. Interoperability with popular security tools automates diverse investigation and mitigation processes. The system offers end-to-end threat mitigation workflow and proactive blocking.

RiskIQ Digital Threat Management Suite

RiskIQ delivers a SaaS-based digital threat management solution suite. Customers can choose different modules, such as: Digital Footprint to understand their digital attack surface with active change notification; PassiveTotal to investigate threats, pinpoint adversaries and prevent attacks; and External Threats to identify, triage, and take down active digital threats.

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