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RiskIQ Digital Threat Management Platform Recognized in ‘On the Radar’ Report from Leading Industry Firm Ovum

SAN FRANCISCO — May 17, 2017 — RiskIQ, the leader in digital threat management, announced today that the RiskIQ Digital Threat Management Platform has been recognized in an Ovum Research “On the Radar” report for providing organizations with comprehensive visibility and protection of their digital presence. According to Ovum, the combination of RiskIQ’s threat intelligence and application suite presents organizations with additional layers of business and brand protection, and the opportunity to make cost savings as a result of RiskIQ’s approach to digital threat management.

To access the Ovum research report entitled “On the Radar: RiskIQ provides external digital threat defense,” visit

As cited in the report, businesses continue to increase their investments in public-facing web, social, and mobile activities to get their brand stickier with consumers, and to facilitate customer, employee, and partner interaction. In many organizations, online digital interactions are now of equal or greater importance than traditional trading channels. The resulting digital dynamic and sprawl, more often positioned outside the sight or management of IT, can prove difficult to control and puts business operations and reputation at risk. RiskIQ deals with these issues through comprehensive internet data sets and the use of predictive analytics to enable security teams to efficiently identify, understand, monitor, and take action against threats to an organization’s brand, online properties and infrastructure, mobile apps, and social community.

“While threat intelligence feeds enrich internal event data, organizations need to consider end-to-end approaches that enable security staff to move to a more systematic, automated approach to help reduce business impact and increase proactive response to external digital threats,” said Andrew Kellett, principal analyst, Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum. “RiskIQ’s combined intelligence and SaaS application approach can yield considerable advantages over point-based solutions that are either threat feeds, cover one digital channel, or have limited threat coverage.”

The RiskIQ Digital Threat Management Platform is a SaaS-based threat intelligence and integrated application suite that addresses security issues across web, social, and mobile channels. It helps security managers protect their business assets, including their brands, their customers, and their employees, from external exploits that originate from beyond the firewall. The RiskIQ application suite provides unified visibility and protection for enterprise organizations, ensuring that their public-facing digital assets are kept safe from impersonation and illegitimate misuse by malicious threat actors. It also enables security teams to optimize a broad range of investigation, analysis, and mitigation tasks.

“RiskIQ’s mission from day one was to address ongoing ‘outside the firewall’ security challenges, and over the years, we’ve built a scalable platform to capture an enterprise’s digital presence and automatically triangulate exploits, exposures, and attackers,” said Scott Gordon, chief marketing officer at RiskIQ. “RiskIQ is used by thousands of security analysts, progressive security organizations, and popular global brands to protect businesses from the impact of external threats. We are extremely gratified by Ovum’s validation of our vision and solution set.”


Ovum’s “On the Radar” reports recognize companies and products that bring innovative ideas and solutions to their markets. Highlights in the report include:

  • RiskIQ intelligence is achieved through advanced internet reconnaissance techniques that capture detailed internet data through a global proxy network of collectors, sensors, and web crawlers using virtual user emulation techniques.
  • Big data, advanced algorithms, and machine learning (ML) techniques are used to analyze and monitor new and active threat activities, and to dynamically generate and assess a client’s digital attack surface.
  • Beyond threat intelligence, RiskIQ’s suite of threat investigation, brand protection, digital footprint, and threat mitigation applications offer collaboration, monitoring, and workflow that provide a means to optimize resources and consolidate other toolsets.
  • With the solution’s in-app mitigation, security teams can block threats using available third-party reputation management protocols. RiskIQ mitigation workflows assist security and legal teams to automatically submit take-down requests made of an adversary’s digital infrastructure.
  • Interoperability with other popular security tools, to automate and extend investigation and mitigation processes.
  • The RiskIQ Community Edition allows organizations to have entry-level access to the platform and applications at no charge, contributing machine learning advantage.

The complete Ovum On the Radar report, which examines RiskIQ and digital threat management, is available at

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About RiskIQ

RiskIQ is the leader in digital threat management, providing the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence. With more than 75 percent of attacks originating outside the firewall, RiskIQ allows enterprises to gain unified insight and control over web, social, and mobile exposures. Trusted by thousands of security analysts, RiskIQ’s platform combines advanced internet data reconnaissance and analytics to expedite investigations, understand digital attack surfaces, assess risk, and take action to protect business,
brand, and customers. Based in San Francisco, the company is backed by Summit Partners, Battery Ventures, Georgian Partners, and MassMutual Ventures. Visit or follow us on Twitter.

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