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RiskIQ Analysis of Ant and Cockroach Skimmer Reveals Highly Connected Magecart Ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO, NOVEMBER 11, 2020 RiskIQ, the global leader in attack surface management and security intelligence, has released an analysis of the ‘Ant and Cockroach’ digital credit card skimmer that implicates Magecart Group 12 in September's large-scale attack on e-commerce websites running Magento 1 and dozens of other high-profile skimming incidents and malicious activity.

The analysis identifies the Ant and Cockroach skimmer as a common denominator in the September attacks on Magento 1 and threat activity recently reported by RiskIQ, Malwarebytes, Sucuri, Sansec, and several independent researchers.

RiskIQ’s research reveals that since August of 2019, the skimmer most often used by Magecart Group 12 has been the Ant and Cockroach skimmer. However, slight tweaks to the skimmer and innovative obfuscation techniques have, until now, kept parallels between many of the group’s attacks hidden.

These patterns include the presence of unique code that runs checks against the victim URL to ensure it’s on a checkout page and that developer tools are not enabled, the prevalence of a particular Russian hosting provider among threat infrastructure, and the distinctive “radix” obfuscation technique.

“Coupling OSINT with RiskIQ data and analysis allows us to see a throughline connecting all this Magecart activity via Group 12’s favorite tool and techniques,” said RiskIQ Threat Researcher Jordan Herman. “Our analysis even captured other malicious injections used by the group, such as coin miners and malicious redirects. Magecart Group 12’s activity is diverse and prolific.”

RiskIQ first profiled Magecart Group 12 in 2018 in a report analyzing a supply chain attack that affected hundreds of sites by compromising Adverline, a digital advertising platform. Again, in 2019, RiskIQ detailed how the group deftly swapped domains to avoid takedowns that would disrupt its attack.

The report includes insights such as:

  • Detailed analysis of the Ant and Cockroach skimmer and its many variations, including how a cybersecurity practitioner can identify it in their environment.
  • An analysis of Group 12’s obfuscation techniques, including the distinctive "radix" obfuscation.
  • Details of Magecart Group 12’s recent activity, including how it ties into RiskIQ's past analysis of the group, and activity surfaced by Securi, Malwarebytes, and more.
  • Comprehensive list of Magecart infrastructure uncovered by RiskIQ throughout its thorough investigation.

Download the full report here, and visit RiskIQ's Threat Intelligence Portal to access the comprehensive list of IOCs.

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