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RiskIQ Helps Softonic Detect Online Threats

Softonic selects RiskIQ’s automated malware detection technology to identify and eradicate security threats on Softonic’s 160,000 software titles

London, UK -- 08/09/15 -- RiskIQ, the digital footprint security company, today announced software application discovery platform Softonic has selected RiskIQ’s malware detection and identification capabilities as part of its Clean & Safe campaign.

Softonic’s Clean & Safe campaign aims to completely eradicate malware on the Softonic software catalogue – the largest of its kind on the Internet.

By simulating the behaviour of a real online user, RiskIQ will help Softonic identify malware, malvertising (malicious ads), phishing and other security threats that a typical user would experience when discovering and downloading software.

Gino Micacchi, Softonic’s VP of Product, explains: “Online threats such as malware have become progressively smarter and increasingly malicious. They are harder to detect than ever before and Softonic’s Clean & Safe campaign was launched to help users keep their devices free from malware.

Our Clean & Safe initiative means that when users visit Softonic they will only find software that is reassuringly safe to download and install. Together with RiskIQ, we will continue to expand the scope of our security checks, to enable us to react to the ever-changing dynamics and challenges of online security.”

In addition to improving malware detection with RiskIQ, Softonic has also launched other initiatives as part of their Clean & Safe campaign. For example, users can now report any problems with products they find in Softonic’s catalog. Those user reports, combined with the automatic monitoring from Risk IQ, will combine to significantly reduce the threat from the constantly evolving landscape of malware.

Elias Manousos, CEO and co-founder of RiskIQ commented: “Our proprietary crawling technology has already revolutionised the approach many organisations take to their security, opening up their capabilities to better understand their digital footprint and the malicious content targeting it. By supporting Softonic’s Clean & Safe campaign with these capabilities we’ll be enabling Softonic to continue delivering a trusted service to their customers.”

Micacchi concluded: “Softonic aims to help users get the most out of all their devices. We are working to make the user experience of this process as complete, and as simple and safe as possible.”

Softonic joins a host of notable companies using RiskIQ to protect their digital footprint from malicious activity, including eight of the 10 largest financial institutions in the U.S., six of the top 10 European financial institutions and five of the seven leading Internet companies in the world.