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RiskIQ Partners With Fishtech Labs To Accelerate Adoption Of The RiskIQ External Threat Management Platform

SAN FRANCISCO -- May 12, 2016 -- RiskIQ, the leader in External Threat Management, today announced that it has partnered with Fishtech Labs to expedite the adoption of cutting edge, next-generation security and networking solutions in the market.

Fishtech Labs is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Gary Fish who founded FishNet Security (now Optiv) and grew it to $700 million in revenue, and also founded FireMon LLC. Fishtech Labs uses a very rigorous set of selection criteria to identify, benchmark and test next-generation technologies that can be combined with existing solutions to form cohesive and secure cloud and hybrid-cloud datacenters.

The new partnership enables Fishtech Labs to provide customers with accurate visibility and monitoring of digital assets across their digital channels including web, social and mobile assets.

“The threat landscape has fundamentally changed. Hackers are leveraging organizations’ unknown digital assets to gain unauthorized access, compromise systems and wreak digital havoc,” says Fish, CEO of Fishtech Labs. “These attacks are successful because organizations have deployed security technologies to protect and monitor networks and devices inside their firewall but have no idea what exists outside that firewall. RiskIQ fills this visibility and monitoring gap.”

RiskIQ partners such as Fishtech Labs recognize that security information from internally deployed technologies must be complemented with internet data if organizations are to prevent hackers, malicious behavior and large scale data breaches.

“RiskIQ is extremely excited to partner with Fishtech Labs. Together we can assist our customers build out an effective External Threat Management program that starts with gaining an understanding of their enterprise digital footprint.” said Lou Manousos, CEO of RiskIQ. “The expertise of Gary Fish and his team at Fishtech Labs will help amplify the need for organizations to gain visibility into their internet-facing digital assets. We believe this partnership will help our customers address the rapidly growing number and type of external threats targeting them.”

About Fishtech Labs

Fishtech Labs is a technology accelerator focused on finding and creating solutions for our clients that deliver operational efficiencies and improved security posture. So you don’t have to, we are immersed in the changing security and emerging technology landscape specific to Cloud, SDN and Virtualization. We identify gaps and appropriate solutions for our clients’ maximum advantage. As innovation experts, our team takes a consultative approach to evaluate each client’s objectives, benefits and risks that may be mitigated with next-generation solutions.

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