Detect and Remove Bad Ads

Keep your brand, supply partners, and audience safe

RiskIQ Ad Quality

The rise of programmatic advertising has brought unprecedented growth and opportunity to the online advertising industry. But with this growth, cyber criminals have come to take advantage of the sophisticated targeting now possible within the digital advertising ecosystem.

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RiskIQ’s Ad Quality solution leverages covert, web-scale infrastructure that mimics all possible user environments to trigger the true behavior to detect ad violations. Our API gives you real-time visibility and forensic information that enables you to deactivate malicious ads and maintain trust with supply partners.

Why is RiskIQ Ad Quality Better?

The only RTB-enabled API.

RiskIQ’s API is modeled after the open RTB spec, specifically focusing on key attributes from bid requests and bid responses that inform audience environments. This enables RiskIQ to scan creatives from the right user, at the right time, providing the highest level of detection efficacy to our partners.

Unparalelled IP diversity.

RiskIQ maintains the largest covert global proxy network on the internet. Leveraging this infrastructure is critical to detecting the true behavior of creatives.

Preventative threat intelligence at scale.

RiskIQ scans more than 2 billion pages and 15 million mobile apps per day, resulting in a curated blacklist of malicious ads from across the Internet. This proprietary list sets RiskIQ apart, enabling customers to vet new demand sources and prevent malware within their ad infrastructure.

Automated deactivation.

Our API response includes the attribution data necessary to deactivate the correct creative or demand partner tag in real-time.

Customer success.

RiskIQ provides partners with a dedicated team of analysts who proactively monitor your account for violations while recommending new strategies and tactics to keep pace with criminals.

Who Needs It?

  • Ad networks, SSPs, DSPs, and ad exchanges all leverage RiskIQ. We primarily work with Product / Engineering executives and focus on orchestration at the deepest level to remove operational burden and overhead.
  • Ad operations teams get real-time incident alerts that provide complete data trails to allow them to take action on illegitimate ads.
  • Publishers benefit from early warning detection of malvertisements to reduce brand and reputation erosion.