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Phishing has evolved from the primitive tactics of its infancy into a sophisticated form of attack that combines new technology with a mature ecosystem of specialized threat actors. Attackers now spoof email addresses and send emails that look completely authentic to an untrained eye.

Whether you’re a national political organization, a Fortune 50 company, or a small business, if you have a digital presence, your brand, your customers, and your employees are targets for phishing.


Anti Phishing


RiskIQ Phishing Threats detects and automates analysis and response to phishing attacks, allowing Security, eCrime, and Incident Response teams to combat phishing at scale and drastically mitigate its impact. Phishing Threats can automatically crawl and scan emails that are submitted through internal and external abuse boxes to validate phishing emails and pages.

With direct integration to Google Safe Browsing and Microsoft SmartScreen, RiskIQ Phishing Threats can confirm and automatically block phishing campaigns, stopping 95% of all web browsers from accessing the page within 10 minutes of confirmation.

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How do Phishing Threats impact my organization?

Phishing campaigns target all types of organizations, exploiting weaknesses in their attack surface to target them as well as their brand, employees, and executives.

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Comprehensive phish detection and abuse box monitoring

RiskIQ Phishing Threats continuously scans web pages from a wide variety of sources for evidence of phishing while our proprietary machine-learning classification algorithm and virtual user technology find and confirm unreported phishing pages at an unprecedented rate. Other benefits include:

  • Comprehensive detection of phish
  • Ability to bypass advanced phishing obfuscation and targeting techniques
  • Unparalleled accuracy of detection and automated workflow to shorten time to mitigation per phish
  • Continuous monitoring

By tracking against a wide range of sources—social media, digital ads, known phish events within the RiskIQ index, Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), abuse box and referrer log integrations for known phishing signatures, and 15 reputational list sources—RiskIQ provides accurate, comprehensive coverage against rapidly growing phishing threats. With more than 30 million phishing pages already scanned, and tens of thousands of new pages scanned each day, we understand how best to identify phishing campaigns and mitigate their impact.

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