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RiskIQ Community Edition products give digital threat hunters and defenders free access to our comprehensive internet data to hunt digital threats against their organization, defend their digital footprint, and reduce their attack surface across web, mobile, and social channels.

Digital threat hunters need access to the most comprehensive intelligence and data available to track and shut down attackers. Threat infrastructure and attack patterns change all the time, so having data automatically linked and correlated means better coverage and faster mean time to response.

Digital threat defenders need to understand their digital footprint—all of their digital assets and external attack vectors. These defenders are tasked with protecting all that belongs to the organization, including assets that they might not know about, like development and staging servers or assets that were part of a merger or acquisition but not inventoried.

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Threat Hunter

  • Access the most comprehensive internet data sets available to track adversaries across the internet
  • Pivot across passive DNS, WHOIS, SSL certificates, web trackers, and more
  • Enrich internal controls and logs to uncover, understand, and respond to external threats
  • Monitor threat infrastructure for changes or new, similar artifacts

Hunt Threats with
RiskIQ PassiveTotal® Community Edition

Threat Defender

  • Understand your Digital Footprint® and how you’re exposed from the outside in
  • Discover unknown assets, exposures, and vulnerabilities
  • Get alerts when your brand or trademarked terms appear in new domains and WHOIS contact information
  • View digital assets details such as domain attributes, IP address, and registrant details

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RiskIQ Digital Footprint Community Edition

Watch the RiskIQ Community Edition Quick Overview to see key platform highlights and features.