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RiskIQ Digital Footprint™ Snapshot

On-demand, Cost-Effective External Asset Intelligence Report

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What is a Digital Footprint Snapshot?

RiskIQ continuously collects data from across the internet every day and analyzes the data to correlate ownership, connectedness, and relationships that are difficult or nearly impossible using manual means. Using our vast internet data, we can quickly provide an automated record of external assets that RiskIQ has observed being connected to your organization. This is your Digital Footprint Snapshot.

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Automated, Detailed External Asset Intelligence

The heart of the RiskIQ Digital Threat Management platform is the terabytes of data we collect every day about the internet and the assets and devices connected to it.

RiskIQ uses automated correlation and the connectedness that we observe between different assets to generate your Digital Footprint. From this, we can provide a detailed list of:

  • Domains
  • Subdomains and hosts
  • IPs and Netblocks
  • Mail and name servers
  • Ownership and WHOIS registration information
  • Server types, components, and frameworks (when available)

This information is available and interactive through Digital Footprint Community Edition, and also available for download to be imported into vulnerability management, asset management, or CMDB systems.

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Digital Footprint SnapshotA Digital Footprint Snapshot is available as a one-time, on-demand report, or as a quarterly subscription. This enables security teams to have a snapshot of their internet-facing assets to inform penetration testing efforts, for compliance, or for quarterly vulnerability scans.

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Get More: Digital Footprint Premium and Enterprise Editions

Automated FootprintBeyond the one-time Snapshot report, RiskIQ Digital Footprint Premium and Enterprise provides organizations with greater control over their Digital Footprint. With continuous detailing, tagging and categorization, and active monitoring for compromise, vulnerabilities, unsanctioned changes, or changes to underlying infrastructure, your security teams can have comprehensive visibility into your attack surface.

Download the Digital Footprint Datasheet