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RiskIQ Digital Footprint™

Discover and Monitor Your Attack Surface Outside the Firewall

What is your Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint contains your internet-facing assets – in essence, your company’s digital presence. This includes external websites, apps, microsites, logins, forms and promo pages, web servers, and other external infrastructure connected to an organization. Many of these assets exist, change, and are vulnerable without the knowledge of security teams – you can’t protect what you don’t know.

The Anatomy of a Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

Known Assets

  • Corporate website
  • Known microsites managed by marketing
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Web applications
  • Known public-facing demo, development, and staging servers

Unknown Assets

  • Microsites created by vendors or as one-off pages
  • Unknown public-facing demo, development, and staging servers
  • Servers and web pages that were part of a merger or acquisition but not inventoried

Rogue and Malicious Assets

  • Abandoned servers or domain names
  • Pages created outside of standard procedures
  • Unauthorized typosquatting domains
  • Assets in your inventory infected by malware
  • Assets in your inventory pointing to sites known to be malicious

Why is your Digital Footprint important?

digital footprintAttackers performing reconnaissance will often find unknown, unprotected, and unmonitored assets to use as attack vectors. For a large enterprise, these types of assets are typically easy for even novice hackers and threat groups to find, and because they’re unmonitored, provide an easy way in and out. To defend yourself, you need to know what attackers see when they’re looking at you. After all, following an attack or breach, saying “we didn’t know that asset existed,” doesn’t mitigate the damage done.

Once you have an accurate picture of your digital footprint, it is far easier to understand and implement mitigation techniques to ensure that all of your external assets are protected. This inventory of your assets is also critical for compliance with numerous industry regulations.

What You Can’t See Will Hurt You

How does RiskIQ discover your Digital Footprint?

virtual user robotRiskIQ uses virtual user technology to discover web assets and experience them like a real user (or attacker performing reconnaissance) does, allowing you to accurately identify, monitor, and manage your entire internet attack surface from the outside in.

RiskIQ virtual users go beyond simple crawling, visiting websites using different browsers, varying click pattern and time on page to behave as a human user would. Our technology can continuously monitor websites while evading stealthy anti-detection techniques. Virtual users are launched from an evolving residential, commercial, and mobile proxy network of more than 520 egress points in more than 40 countries.

Using a network of tens of thousands of these virtual users, we scan the entire internet millions of times per hour, collecting telemetric data to produce a dynamic index of your web attack surface. This process illuminates websites, mobile apps, URLs, web page content, ASNs, IPs, and nameservers, many of which aren’t currently in your inventory. RiskIQ uncovers all digital assets appearing online that tie back to your organization, enabling your security team to understand the attack surface outside your firewall, bring unknown assets under management, and survey your digital footprint from the view of a global adversary.

Digital Footprint Community Edition

Organizations can get a glimpse of their external attack surface utilizing RiskIQ Digital Footprint™ Community Edition. Using advanced internet data reconnaissance, RiskIQ automatically correlates internet-facing assets that have been determined to be connected to your domain and organization. This information aids vulnerability management and pen test programs and teams to easily determine external assets, including websites, apps and components, that exist and may be potentially vulnerable to attack.

Get a glimpse of your Digital Footprint

with Digital Footprint Community Edition

Digital Footprint Snapshot

Digital Footprint Snapshot leverages RiskIQ’s continuous internet reconnaissance, vast internet data sets, and advanced analytics to deliver an interactive Snapshot report comprised of a filterable graph and inventory details of connected, internet-facing assets.

Threat defenders, such as those who manage vulnerability assessment and penetration testing programs, can interact with visual aids and insights to uncover and account for external assets and pinpoint potential security and compliance exposures that require attention.

Digital Footprint Snapshot is an automated, point-in-time report that can be purchased from RiskIQ on-demand, or as a quarterly subscription.

Learn more about Digital Footprint Snapshot

Continuous Monitoring of Web Assets

Once the full inventory of digital assets has been established and confirmed, continuous monitoring of those assets is critical. Digital Footprint provides continuous monitoring and scanning of digital assets for:


  • Detect sophisticated malicious behaviors designed to elude traditional web security scanners by viewing from the perspective of end-users targeted by these threats


  • Detect failing infrastructure, unauthorized configurations, and DNS hijacking
  • Locate assets affected by a compromised infrastructure component


  • Detect website defacement and inappropriate content appearing on web pages in your inventory

Web Compliance

  • Continuously monitor all company-owned websites for content or code that does not comply with internal policies or government regulations

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