RiskIQ Digital Footprint®

Discover unknown internet assets, digital exposures and threats

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RiskIQ Digital Footprint gives complete visibility beyond the firewall. Unlike scanners and IP-dependent data vendors, RiskIQ Digital Footprint is the only solution with composite intelligence, code-level discovery and automated threat detection and exposure monitoring—security intelligence mapped to your attack surface.

Discover, Identify Internet Assets

Security teams can discover hidden risks and threats outside their firewall: clouds and eComm, mobile and websites, users and apps. They protect their digital strategies with universal visibility, keeping clouds under control. RiskIQ’s global sensor network absorbs internet asset intelligence, graph edge relationships, and identifies attacker-exposed assets—known, unknown, and malicious.

Agentless, Global Sensor Network

Automated Discovery

Remove Vulnerabilities Beyond the Firewall

Security is hard. Security outside the corporate network is really hard. Enable secure digital and cloud growth with pre-built risk indicators and encoded machine learning continuously analyzing over 200 billion attack paths and 10+ years of internet history. RiskIQ extends vulnerability control beyond the firewall: enterprise-owned assets, third parties, supply chain systems, components, and code.

Always-on Detection

Exposed Services and Ports

Pinpoint Threats: Enterprise and Third Party

Cybercriminals seek and exploit unnoticed gaps with cheap, easy tools like JavaScript injections and weak dependencies with third parties to execute attacks such as cross-site scripting and component compromise. Security teams can find and eliminate digital threats, such as malicious JavaScripts leveraging RiskIQ’s composition intelligence and automated detection to unmask threats and threat actors hiding in the enterprise attack surface—enterprise and third party.

Malicious JavaScript Detection

Flexible, Adaptive API Integrations

See Everything. Take Action. No Agents.

RiskIQ Illuminate® Internet Intelligence

Identify cyber threats relevant to your critical assets through connected digital relationships. Speed up analysis, triage, and response and enables security teams to keep pace with digital growth by eliminating threats that matter. Leverage durable threat indicators that pinpoints adversary-threat infrastructure, your long-awaited unfair advantage against cyber threats—all in one place.

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Five Ways Hackers are Targeting Organizations

Analysis of an Attack Surface

The boom in internet-exposed assets from a decade of digital transformation, and accelerated by a seismic shift to a remote workforce in response to COVID-19, can make protecting your enterprise's digital attack surface feel overwhelming. Today, organizations are responsible for defending not only their internal network but also their digital presence across the internet and the cloud.