Enterprise Digital Footprint

Map Your Enterprise Digital Footprint

Because you can’t protect what you don’t know about

Enterprise Digital Footprint

The relative ease of attacking, defacing, and impersonating web assets has placed an enormous burden on enterprises to stay on top of their public-facing web footprint.

What Does Enterprise Digital Footprint Do, Exactly?

Map and monitor your digital attack surface.

RiskIQ’s Enterprise Digital Footprint discovers web assets and experiences them as a real user does, allowing you to accurately identify, monitor, and manage your entire Internet attack surface from the outside in.

We scan the entire Internet millions of times per hour, collecting telemetric data to produce a dynamic index of your web attack surface—illuminating websites, mobile apps, URLs, web page content, ASNs, IPs, and nameservers. RiskIQ’s Enterprise Digital Footprint uncovers and inventories all digital assets appearing online that tie back to your organization, enabling your security team to manage assets outside your firewall, bring unknown assets under management, and survey your digital footprint from the view of the global adversary.

With a full understanding of the scale of your web, mobile, and social presence—and continuous visibility into your web attack surfaces, your security team can make accurate, comprehensive, and strategic risk-management decisions.