RiskIQ Executive Guardian

Vigilance in the Digital World, Security in the Physical World

Your organization’s key executives, leadership, and board of directors are primary targets for hackers. Private information about them exposed on the Internet carries a high degree of risk, including threats to the physical security of the executives and their families. Attackers often use private information in spear-phishing campaigns against your organization.

RiskIQ Executive Guardian tracks what potential attackers can find about a company’s executives online and includes managed services and built-in workflow to eliminate leaks quickly. Minimize the likelihood of private data falling into the wrong hands. Maintain visibility into possible security risks resulting from data exposure. Better protect your executives and your company.

With RiskIQ Executive Guardian


Detect high profile individuals’ leaked personal data

Track what potential attackers can find

Minimize the likelihood of information falling into the wrong hands

Mitigate risks resulting from exposed data

Incorporate Executive Guardian into your Current Cyber and Physical Security Programs

RiskIQ Executive Guardian includes a built-in workflow to generate alerts sent to RiskIQ’s MSS experts to remove content and remediate findings and eliminate leaks quickly.

RiskIQ stores all executive data in a highly-secure data lake with access limited only to individuals with security clearance. This data is analyzed offline, and RiskIQ never enters sensitive information into search engines to prevent the generation and propagation of unwanted content.

What Type of Data do we Detect?

  • Legal Name + Pseudonyms
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Current Home Address(es)
  • Former Home Address(es)
  • Current/Former Phone Number(s)
  • Job Title
  • Current Employer
  • Current email address(es)
  • Current Social Account Usernames
  • Business Interests / Affiliations
  • Internal Job Title / ID Number
  • VIN Number/Plate Number
  • Child’s Current School Name
  • Child’s Current School

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