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Relevant, actionable security intelligence for your interconnected world

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Threats are as vast as the internet. Defending your attack surface is a challenge of continuous change and global scale. RiskIQ Illuminate® Internet Intelligence shows cyber threats relevant to your critical assets through connected digital relationships. It is the only security intelligence solution with tailored attack surface intelligence to uncover exposures, risks, and threats against your unique digital footprint, pinpointing what’s relevant to you—all in one place.

Attack Surface Intelligence

Combines 10+ years of history and trillions of real-world observations to assemble, graph, and identify every relationship and connection in your digital attack surface. Quickly prioritize risks and threats tuned to your infrastructure, brands, companies, apps, services, and systems. Leverage dynamic risk-scoring and actionable insight with downstream automation, APIs, and workflows to eliminate your most relevant exposures.

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Active and Historic Discovery

Security Operations Intelligence

Reputation scoring and one-click lookups across the open internet and deep/dark web remove the guesswork from threat intelligence. Increase value across your ecosystem of people, processes, and technology via flexible APIs, apps, and integrations with more than 100 security products and services. The platform comes with easy-to-integrate feeds and simple APIs for SIEM, SOAR, XDR, EDR, IPS, and other security tools.

Actionable Outcomes

Connect Digital Relationships

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Adversary fingerprinting, the most impactful threat identifier, enables scaled protection by applying long-lasting defenses for threats today and those yet to be deployed. Calibrate cyberthreat intelligence to your fluid and expanding attack surface with continuous tracking and modeling from the world’s fastest threat intelligence updates.

Adversary-Threat Infrastructure

Automated Detection

Third-Party Intelligence

Extend intelligence to the global attack surface—you and others, good and bad, attackers and adversaries, third-parties, and n-th degree risk. Map and monitor thousands of individual attack surfaces for organizations that matter to you. Identify risks within specific digital footprints, such as institutions, partners, peers, vendors, and anyone else on the internet. Rapidly reduce risk by comparing your attack surface with third-parties using the same metrics, visuals, and scores.

Continuous Discovery

Infrastructure Chaining

Vulnerability Intelligence

Live discovery quickly uncovers hidden vulnerabilities throughout every layer of the internet attack surface—frameworks, contents, pages, components, and code—with factful observations from the real world. Stay ahead of early-stage vulnerabilities and speed up risk-based response for what’s relevant to your evolving attack surface. Prevent downtime and wasted effort by focusing on exposures that affect you and the rest of your interconnected world.

Scalable Threat Defenses

Actionable Intelligence

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