Mobile Threats

Understand Digital Threats in Mobile Apps and App Stores

Detect and Eliminate Mobile Threats Around the World

The size, complexity, and dynamic nature of the global app store ecosystem make it increasingly difficult for brands to monitor their mobile presence and protect their customers from fraud. Once published, mobile apps can rapidly proliferate from official stores throughout the app store ecosystem, spreading to new stores and web download locations without the developer’s knowledge or consent.

Mobile Threats

RiskIQ Mobile Threats enables organizations to monitor and fully manage their mobile presence across the world. Our technology detects unauthorized apps designed to divert users, distribute malware, and steal customer or company data. With a single click, organizations can now remove unauthorized apps from all stores, globally.

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How do mobile threats impact digital organizations?

RiskIQ Mobile Threats uses virtual user technology to scan and search mobile app stores and download app binary files, looking for official apps, apps that look like official apps, and rogue apps that reference your brand or organization. While most official apps appear in the most popular app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store) there are many other app stores that have been created to provide apps outside of those official ecosystems. These include mobile device manufacturers (like Samsung and Amazon) as well as other, smaller stores. These are often not monitored, and official app binaries (the files that make up the app) are copied and pasted to these other stores.

Because these less known stores are not monitored, official apps can be copied (scraped) and uploaded to these stores. Because of the manual process, apps are often out of date, resulting in potential vulnerabilities to the user’s device. The apps are also not always vetted, so the code may have been compromised to inject malware, spyware, or other malicious software.

The lack of monitoring and visibility into the app stores and app code can lead to customers’ data being compromised and trust and loyalty lost.

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Mobile Threats: Is that really your app?

Comprehensive mobile app discovery with scanning and analysis

RiskIQ Mobile Threats provides discovery across all major app stores as well as more than 150 less common stores, including focused coverage of high-risk stores and regions for brand impersonation, malware, and fraud. In addition to unparalleled coverage of third-party app stores worldwide, RiskIQ incorporates a unique source of “feral app” binaries, or mobile apps collected outside of dedicated mobile app stores, via drive-by download for example. With this comprehensive mobile presence knowledge organizations have the unparalleled ability to:

  • Monitor Google Play, Apple App Store, and more than 150 other app stores around the world to uncover rogue mobile apps
  • Intelligently sort legitimate apps from modified versions, unauthorized fakes, and look-a-likes
  • Go beyond just the title and description, automatically analyzing all app content and code to discover logos, brand references, and malicious code hidden within app files
  • Track app versions and correlate apps across stores for efficient management and enforcement of related incidents

Who’s Minding the Store?

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