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We Manage Your Digital Threats so You Can Focus on Your Business

With RiskIQ Managed Security Service (MSS) you get all the power of Digital Footprint® and External Threats® solutions, plus the cyber security expertise of RiskIQ’s Customer Success team. This allows you to focus on your business while RiskIQ manages protecting your attack surface from phishing, brand abuse, and other digital threats on your behalf. The RiskIQ MSS enhances your platform subscription by providing:

  • Monitoring and reviewing events by RiskIQ’s team
  • Taking action on your behalf based on jointly-defined use cases and pre-approved actions—including threat monitoring, detection, and takedown
  • Reporting regularly with frequent cadence of meetings to review threats mitigated and overall risk profile
  • Delivering outstanding protection with a predictable budget and superior service levels with a highly qualified team of cyber security analysts

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Services that scale to meet your needs

RiskIQ’s approach is based on anticipated incident volume so you can avoid the rigidity of full-time equivalent (FTE) or assigned individuals. This team approach is structured and managed so that there are tiered resources of analysts experienced and trained in digital threat management and our platform. They review, analyze, respond, notify, and manage as needed with the varied needs of each event and event type. The RiskIQ MSS team approach assures you’ll always have the right people working at the right time. This means RiskIQ will act as an extension of your team to manage the platform and relieve as much of that effort as possible from your team.

Excellent service levels built into the engagement

Before the implementation begins, the RiskIQ MSS team actively works with you to understand your requirements and most critical use cases. The use cases determine how RiskIQ will act as incidents are uncovered. These actions include validation of threats, blocking, blacklisting, and as warranted, takedown requests. In all, services are monitored to achieve your goals. The RiskIQ service acts as an extension of your cyber security team by delivering the necessary cyber security monitoring and mitigation expertise you need for your business around-the-clock.

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