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Understand Threats in Social Networks

Social Media Isn’t Always Your Friend

In the age of social media, having an advanced social threat detection strategy is critical. The low barriers to entry and high visibility of social media make it a fast and powerful tool for threat actors seeking large audiences with which to commit fraud.


External Threats: Social


RiskIQ Social Threats taps our virtual user technology to offer an enterprise solution that detects and eliminates social media-based threats against an organization, its employees, and its customers. Our platform correlates and contextualizes threats in all social media channels with other web and mobile data for comprehensive threat detection.

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How can Social Threats impact my organization?

Social media provides brands with opportunities for customer engagement and feedback that can lead to product and service improvements. However, this two­-way accessibility between brands and consumers can also serve as a powerful weapon in the hands of threat actors.

Social media impersonation, fraud, and abuse is particularly impactful because most users are less aware of threats and fraudulent activity on social media than other attack vectors such as email. An attacker can easily create a new social profile, make it look like your official social media presence, and begin reaching out to customers and users. From there, imposters can solicit login and payment information to compromise accounts, resulting in losses to your customer and the brand that was impersonated.

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Comprehensive discovery of social media threats

As social media becomes a trusted way for users to interact with their favorite brands, today’s cybercriminals are using the social networks as a strategic attack vector.

Using RiskIQ’s virtual user technology, RiskIQ Social Threats experiences the content and profiles posted to social channels just like real users do. Our platform searches social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube, to find rogue and imposter social profiles that aim to impersonate your brand and potentially compromise your customer’s information.

Once a threat is identified, RiskIQ technology provides deeper context and intelligence than any other detection products available. Social Threats examines the threat and surfaces any connections that exist linking to pages hosting malware, phishing forms, or other infrastructure used by known threat actors.

Social Threats protects your employees, brand, and customers by:

  • Detecting brand or executive impersonation aiming to phish for sensitive information or direct users to malware-infected sites
  • Preventing unauthorized accounts from undermining social media marketing efforts, which confuses users and competes with authentic profiles
  • Uncovering accounts that associate a brand or executive with offensive or illegal content
  • Intelligently sorting authentic profiles and legitimate brand mentions from fraudulent accounts and violations of social media usage policies

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